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anthargange TREK 

Anthargange is a hill range that is blessed with unique natural beauty. The rocky hill range is situated at a height of about 1226 metres from sea level in the Kolar district of Karnataka, approximately 70 km from Bangalore.

The mystic caves:-
The caves of the hill are a major draw for the travellers. These caves are a result of natural accumulation of big and small rocks over a long period of time to form cave like structures. The caves are of various sizes. Some of the caves are so small and narrow that it is impossible to pass through them. Some of the caves can only be explored by crawling through them, as they do not have the space to allow travellers to stand and explore them.

Price:- 1200/-

Trek starts at-
6:00am Assembly at the meeting point.
8:00 We reach Antergange foot hill
Briefing before trek
8:15 the Trek commences
9:30 Wil reach the top
Music, entertainment(games).
10:00  cave exploration and photo sessions.
12:30 We descend
1:30 Catch the bus for Bngalore
3:30pm We will back to Bangalore by afternoon.

Travelling charges
Energy Snacks/Drinks
First aid

Things To Bring List:
2 liters of water (Compulsorily)
Shoes/trekking boots (With good grip) Rubber sole