‘In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks’. This is my trekking experience which I want to share and invite all to join the hand with nature and explore. Nature has a lot to serve. I like being near the top of a mountain, one’s can’t get lost here. Of all the path you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt. Go where u feel most ALIVE……..

Madhurigi fort- Asia’s second largest monolith. *Distance- 120 kms north west of banglore (3930 feet elevation). *Place- madhurigi fort, Tumkur, Banglore

Its been two years since my last blog post. Last Sunday I had experienced something new, which inspired me to again write the blogs. After coming to ICFAI Business School, Banglore I joined trekking club (EARTHY EXPLORERS) of the college. Last Sunday we went on a trek and here am I with my experience and memories of the trek.
Madhugiri, the first trek of my life. That is Asia’ssecond largest monolith. Earthy Explorers (college trekking club and Adventuresome) on 22/july/2018 provided an opportunity to trek to Madhugiri fort. There were more than 50 students who joined us for this adventure. We booked a deluxe bus for the same. Since its far from our institute we decided to leave at 5 am to avoid the heat during the trek. We all gathered in front of our college gate at 4:45 am and from there we started our journey to the trekking site. It took us around 2:30 hours of travel. We reached there by 8:00 am, took a very light breakfast (mango juice and banana). Rested for a while and then we made six groups of six or seven-member each makes the coordination easy and then we all got set to trek Madhugiri fort.

The Trek

We started to trek at 8:30 am, the climate was pleasant which made the trek a good experience. The trek route initially was quite moderate and then, later on, became hard. The trek was very long approx 900 feet. Welcoming route to the first tract- This first stretch has several steps to take you on your way. These are fairly easy to climb and the kind that takes you through a series of beautifully carved stone corridors leading to a relatively large tank and an outpost. The wind welcomes you at this spot, from where you can see a huge hillock, a preview of a trek ahead of you. Nearly an hour later we reached a flat ground with turned on one side, the pond at the bottom and beautiful view all around. It was tempting to explore this part but I knew we had a long way to go. We refrained from spending a lot of time here. We did certain exercises before moving forward

Gearing up before the toughest part of this trek

After 30 min of the trek, we finally reached the toughest part of the risk. Third tract – The third tract was the most talked about, perceived as dangerous by many but in reality, anybody who makes up their mind could successfully conquer this stretch. This inclination was close to 60-70 degree, requiring trekkers to get down on all fours and crawl their way forward. IT was strenuous and very challenging. On account of this stretch footwear is considered a must on this trek of Madhugiri fort. Many of my friends were suffering there because of non-proper shoe’s. There were grooves in the rock, offering support to crawling climber. earlier there was a supporting railing which was no longer there making it more scary to cross. It was difficult and very daunting. I saw other groups of boys who returned from this point. Even four members of our group decided to stop there as they were afraid of heights. I appreciated all other girls and boys of our group who crossed this stretch. After this stretch, there was no supporting railings or grooves in the rock. At some places, the rock was steep where we had to kneel down and crawl. During the rainy season, it could be really difficult to cross this tract as it was quite slippery.

The Peak

After a lot of breaks, we finally reached the peak at 10:50 am. Other members from my group were already waiting there. At the top of the hills there were several ancient structures that you could explore including the ‘Gopalkrishna Temple’. A one-story store structure with a tiny hole to let in only a single ray of light, it fascinates all who encounters it. We saw the thick dome-shaped stone granaries that were built to store weapons. Some of them even saved the lives of freedom fighters. Only the perished remains were left for all of us to see.

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