So why do people go for treks? Why do they risk their lives to conquer a never-seen-before mountain? Just for the sake of a sense of victory? Or to prove that they can achieve anything; or is it just a healthier way to pass time than watching a movie on a weekend?

Those are hardly the real reasons. Treks transform you! You come to know yourself better not by looking within but by losing yourself. On a trek, you hardly remember who you are or what defines you. You don’t remember what you do for a living in the bustling city. You let go of all the people associated with you( for some time). On a deeper level, your basic characteristic traits do not matter. All the load of your dismal regrets and your glittery achievements is evaporated by the glacial breeze.

The mountain doesn’t give a damn whether you are a CEO of a multinational or a local sherpa. After fluttering through nature’s glory you lose your identity and become one with it. You are a rejuvenated life; a being with no more burden (except for the essentials that you are carrying :-P). You are one with the wind. You are one with the mist. In fact, you are one with everything and everyone, a feeling arduous to express. You are the birds. You are the greens. You are the freshness. You are the Life. Somehow, at that moment nothing else matters your work, your relationships, your future, past,.. nothing. All that matters is present…the next step…and one step at a time. It could give you a firm footing and confidence to move ahead or it can lead you to a fifty-foot fall! In that decisive moment you are hyperactive with heightened awareness; more alive than ever before. That’s when you completely lose yourself and realize who you truly are. .

Each moment reveals new potentials. You swim across unknown waters of your soul. Through falling ( not down the mountain!) you realize that you have the strength to get up. Through bruising (we have First Aid, don’t worry) you realize that you have the power to heal yourself.By being alone you realize your own freedom. Disarrayed in the everyday routine of life, all of us forget who we truly are. In fact, being on a trek is one of the very few times when we discover who we actually are, by forgetting what we are not.

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