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You cant say no to road trips specially in a country that still has a lot to discover yet.But there are a bunch of things about these long road trips that we all hate…..The driving shifts…. After getting exhausted of all day long chaos on the road we eventually end up booking a cheap motel with no proper amenities sometimes unhygienic too.After a long day if you wish to relax by taking a hot water shower either you have to pay extra or many a times compromise.

Say No to Compromise anymore because we bring you your very own Home on wheels – The CARAVAN Experience!

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Inside the Caravan

The Modern Day Recreational vehicle.

Central Air Conditioning


Shower with a bathtub!

Mini Refrigerator



Gas stove – two burners


Bar-be-que Equipment

All Board Games like Scotland Yard, Scrabble, Monopoly

All Card games like UNO, Playing cards

Fishing Equipment

Archery, Dart

Tents and sleeping bags for outdoors 



A sense of independence: You can change your plans and nothing would happen.

Huge luggage: If you are not convinced by abstract values​​, pay attention to specifics. Even if you have a van, you surely won’t fit as much luggage in it as in a caravan.

Comfortable equipment: In a modern camping vehicle hot water, toilet, shower, fridge and gas stove is a standard and it also has an oven, microwave or coffee maker. Besides, you have an access to all those facilities also on the road.

Excellent company: The fact is that caravanning attracts mostly sociable and helpful people, ready to help you in troubles.

Travel with pets : what if you are traveling with your dog and the hotel you are about to check on says that pets are not allowed here. You don’t have to worry about this anymore in a caravan.

Places that can be visited

Caravan can be taken anywhere which is close to Bangalore and the distance should be in between 200-300 kms. You can either rent a Caravan or book with us for the following destinations.



Diesel and Petrol for the Caravan.

Toll Charges

Personal Expenses.

Anything which is not included above.


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