Skydiving- Accelerated Freefall


Accelerated Freefall is the quickest route to becoming a qualified skydiver. Also known as AFF, it’s Intensive, fast-paced and you can experience freefall on your very first jump.

After one full day of ground-training you will have learned all the skills needed to make your first skydive from 12,000ft, accompanied by, but not attached to, two expert instructors. You will then open and, fly land your own parachute. We offer the AFF level 1 course as a unique introduction to the world of parachuting and skydiving which allows you to try it out first. If you fancy something a little more challenging than a Tandem Parachute Jump, its great as a one-off freefall experience

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Per jump rig rental and pack  ₹1,500

Daily accessories rental  ₹500


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