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Skandagiri Trek is one of the best trekking experiences around Bangalore. Skandagiri hills are just about 60-70 kilometers away from Bangalore and the trek at Skandagiri offers a panoramic view from the top with nearby hills in sight. The Skandagiri trek usually starts at 4 am in the early morning hours when trekkers reach the starting point of the trek to hike up the hill and reach by sunrise to witness and feel themselves above the clouds which surround the hill, expanding to the sun and you feel like you’re in heaven. This outlandish experience is what you should join us for, at Skandagiri.

At Adventuresome we offer you the following experiences: 

  1. Skandagiri Sunrise Trek 
  2. Skandagiri  Overnight Camping & Sunrise Trek

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Skandagiri Overnight Camping & Sunrise Trek

How about an overnight camping with your friends around a bonfire, with lots of fun and ample rest before you prep-up for the upcoming early morning trek. Just a few miles from Skandagiri is our campsite in Nimai valley where you can have a great camping ‘under the stars’ experience. We provide this option to our trekking enthusiasts who don’t want to give up on their sleep to enjoy the early morning view at Skandagiri. 

So we say – Sleep, Thrill and Chill before you trek up the Hill! 


Skandagiri Sunrise Trek

At Sunrise Trek we offer you a unique trekking experience where you can join us for a group booking or fixed departure trek with the slots available. All bookings for the sunrise trek at Skandagiri must be informed in advance to avail a confirmed slot. 

Sunrise view from the top of skandagiri   friends watching sunrise from skandagiri hills   Self Pitched tents   Bonfire

You can checkout our blog on Skandagiri Hills.

Trekking in itself is a journey which is kind of soul searching for those who take it up. When the destination is beyond imagination, it strikes the right chords inside out. Skandagiri is one such destination, where both destination and the journey are soul stirring.

Located at just a throwaway distance from Bangalore, Skandagiri is every trekkers dream. It takes less than 2 hours for a median trekker to reach the top. The best time to trek up Skandagiri is either Sunrise or the Sunset. Each of the time, you would be amidst clouds when atop Skandagiri. Join us for an experience of a lifetime.

Adventuresome offers early morning trekking starting at 4 am.

Adventuresome’s Action for Skandagiri Trek-

  1. Overnight fun camping at our base close to Skandagiri
  2. Sunrise Trek up to Skandagiri.
  3. Back to base camp followed by pool activities



Bon- Fire

Night Trek

Mesmerizing view above the Clouds

Night Trek

Here’s how the Skandagiri Trek Itinerary goes: 

As the place is near to Bangalore based in Kalwara village,  in the nearby town of Chikballapur (around 60 kilometres from the city), it doesn’t take us more than 2 hours to reach there on a good weekend even from the farthest pickup point. 

  1. 2 am : Pickups Locations from Skandagiri can be Hebbal, BTM or Silkboard Junction and Marathahalli.
  2. 4 am: Reach the starting point of the trek, near papagani mutt in Kalawara village. The enjoyable early morning trek commences which feels more like a night trek as the day break is yet to occur.
  3. 6 am: The trek group reaches the hilltop and the view unfolds according to the day’s prediction of sunrise which is around 6ish early morning in winters when the view from Skandagiri’s hill peak is the best to experience. 
  4. There’s ample time to explore the temple, fort ruins and enjoy the beautiful view in peace. 
  5. 8 am: We start our descend downhill which is yet another experience as visibility is much better due to sunrise and we get to view an incredible surrounding view of the valley form this dilapidated hill fort’s trek trail. 
  6. 10 am: We reach the starting point of the trek and have marked a great end to a worth the while morning experience. 
  7. From here, we hop on to our vehicles and leave for the city. It is recommended to have some scrumptious breakfast in any of the famous highway dhabas on you’re way back.

Trek & Camping

This is how the plan unfolds for – Skandagiri Sunrise Trek and Overnight Camping 

Day 0

  1. 10 pm – Pick up locations for the camping site will be at Hebbal, Silkboard junction or Marathahalli. 

Day 1

  1. 11:40 pm – Reach the campsite, enjoy the bonfire!
  2. Grab your sleeping bags and rest in your tents before the trek. 
  3. 4 am: Start from the camp and reach the starting point of the trek trail. 
  4. 6 am: We reach the peak after a refreshing early morning trek. Enjoy the surroundings and explore the old fort. The sunrise view from the peak is a rewarding experience. 
  5. 8 am: Descend to the base of the hills. 
  6. 9:30 am: Reach the campsite, get fresh and enjoy the pool! 
  7. 11:30 am: Head back to the city! Tell your friends about this wonderful experience and tag Adventuresome in your posts! 


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