You love snow? Do you love skiing? Then you’ve definitely come to the right page! India offers some of the best options when it comes to skiing in the summer. The north, where the cold Himalayas soar majestically, is a favorite hot spot for some ski expeditions. Here are top 15 destinations/places to go for skiing and Snowboarding in INDIA.

  5. KUFRI
  8. AULI
  10. DAYARA
  13. PHUNI
  15. SETHAN


Known as the heart of winter sports, Gulmarg is considered the seventh best ski and snowboard destination in Asia. Located in the Baramulla district, this Valley of Flowers offers an ideal location for off-piste and long-distance skiing and snowboarding. Skiing and snowboarding in Gulmarg, through its pristine natural slopes, allows you to float easily on the soft virgin snow. This is one of the most popular activities in Gulmarg. In fact, Gulmarg is one of the best places to ski in India.

Advanced and expert terrain are grouped together because Gulmarg ski terrain requires competent skills wherever you go, and the difference between an advanced or expert line can be a matter of meters left or right. The main bowls under the Gulmarg phase 2 gondola lift offer fast lines along some spurs.

There are also some jagged tree skiers to the right of the lift line above the central station restaurants. A short hike halfway to the top where north and south Apharwat bowls can be accessed via a backcountry. It can also be accessed via the actual peak. The skiing here is sublime. The possibilities beyond the summit are endless.

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Located in the Anantnag district of the Jammu and Kashmir Valley, Pahalgam is a beautiful hill station and a popular tourist attraction. With unspoiled and stunning natural beauty, Pahalgam is a feast for the eyes and the senses. Nestled in lush greenery and alluring Himalayan mountain ranges, Pahalgam is located on the banks of the Liddar River and is popular for adventure activities such as hiking, trekking, fishing.

Pahalgam is the base of one of the most important pilgrimages in India: Amarnath Yatra. Chandanwari is 16.6 km away. away from Pahalgam, it is the current Amarnath base camp. Pahalgam offers a number of outdoor recreational activities, the most popular of which are trekking and adventure activities. Trekking excursions to Kolhoi glaciers can be undertaken through a beautiful town called Aru. The local population also offers toboggan rides on the frozen glaciers. The long stretches of rivers in Pahalgam are the perfect place for those who love trout fishing.

Pahalgam is one of the best ski destinations in India, known for its breathtaking views over the snowy surroundings. In addition, the ample opportunity for winter sports such as snowboarding and rafting has made Pahalgam popular with Indian and international hikers, adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and other winter sports are quite famous and fantastic in this part of Kashmir. You can plan a visit to Pahalgam in November for the best experience.

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Solang Valley, popularly known as Solang Nala, is a famous hotspot for winter sports, located 12 km from Manali. The exceptional snowy landscape, cold weather and beautiful ski slopes add up to make the place a favorite for travelers from different parts of the country. Solang Nala also hosts the ski festival every winter and invites tourists from all over the world. Enthusiasts can enjoy a 1.5km descent at this beautiful skiing and snowboarding destination in India. Solang is without doubt one of the best places to ski in India.

The best part of the Solang Valley is that it is a place for all seasons. Visiting Solang, therefore, depends on your purpose. If you want to practice winter sports, it is recommended to visit Solang from November to February as the valley is covered with snow during that time of the year. Winters are also preferred for the pleasant climate. The valley, when covered with snow, looks magnificent. During the summers, the valley experiences slightly warm afternoons while it stays cold in the mornings and nights. Adventure sports change according to the season.


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Located at a distance of only 51 kilometers from Manali, Rohtang Pass can only be reached by road. The pass is located at an altitude of 3978 meters on the Manali-Keylong highway. When planning a trip to Manali, a free day at the Rohtang Pass lookout point is the main and almost essential attraction of the itinerary. Due to its stunning natural beauty, Rohtang Pass is a firm favorite with the filmmaking community. Many box office hits were shot here, from “Jab We Met” to “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani”. A curious fact behind the name of the place is that it got its name because several people who worked at CBRE died while trying to traverse this treacherous stretch.

A snow experience can never be complete without a sleigh ride, which consists of sliding across the snow on a wooden sled. Another exciting activity to do on the Rohtang Pass would be mountain biking, where you get off the beaten track and ride the less traveled paths. It can be a bit difficult, so you need to be careful in case you are planning on doing this activity. You can also try skiing and leaving your tires at the Rohtang Pass, where you slide down a snowy slope again wearing the right equipment. Equipment for all of these activities is available at a reasonable price, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

The Rohtang Pass, near Manali, is famous for its spectacular backdrop, snow-capped mountains and majestic valleys. Ecstatic and thrilling sports such as skiing and paragliding make it an ideal destination for adventure sports in India. Rohtang, one of the best snowboarding spots in India, attracts adventure enthusiasts from all over the country for this exciting experience.

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Kufri, the winter sports capital of Shimla, leaves every visitor splendid with its beautiful white blanket of snow. It is a paradise for skiers. From the first snow of the year until the moment the snow melts, it is frequented by hundreds of skiers. Skiing is Kufri’s main attraction. The slopes, the heights and the snowy carpet it offers are the most adventurous platforms for skiing. The thick layer of snow is perfect for hosting adventurous sports.

The best time to roll in the snow of Kufri is from mid-December to early February. At this time of year, Kufri has a perfect snow mat for skiing. The place is famous for its deep valleys and exciting slopes, more suitable for skiing.

16 km from Shimla, the place that used to be known as a small pond, according to its name, has now become a beautiful and adventurous tourist destination. Tourists flock to the place to enjoy a fun skiing experience.

Kufri’s unspoiled natural beauty and not-so-steep surface made it an ideal snowboarding and skiing location in India for beginners. Adventure lovers should not miss the opportunity to visit this enchanting destination to practice spectacular snow sports. Additionally, Kufri is also the site of the annual winter sports festival organized by HPTDC.

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Nestled between the snow-capped slopes of Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar mountain ranges, Manali is one of the most popular hill stations in the country. With jaw-dropping vistas, lush forests, sprawling flower-covered meadows, gushing blue streams, a perpetual fairytale mist hovering in the air and a lingering fragrance of pine trees, Manali is blessed with stunning scenic beauty. From museums to temples, quaint hippie towns to bustling luxury streets, river adventures to hiking trails, Manali has every reason to be a tourist magnet, year round.

Swaying eucalyptus trees, small captivating restaurants, small kitschy local markets and cafes serving delicious local fare at incredible prices, Old Manali is a serene and peaceful place, whose lingering silence is broken only by the chirping of birds and the sound of roaring waters . from the Kullu River.

Manali is a very beautiful city located in Himachal Pradesh. It is a magnificent hill station very popular with Indians with some of the best places to visit here. Extensive snow formations and beautiful slopes make the place a heavenly place to ski in the winters. Any visitor to Manali should definitely go skiing.

There are many guides and professional skiers who will help you start skiing on the snow. The availability of many good ski slopes in the nearby Solang Valley also makes skiers happy.

Manali skiing


Skiing in Auli offers beautiful views of peaks such as Mount Nanda Devi Kamet, Mana Parwat, Dunagiri, Beethartoli, Nilkanth, Hathi Parbat, Ghori Parbat and Nar Parbat. The snowy hill station of Auli covered with evergreen conifers and oak forest is located at an altitude of 2000-3000 meters above sea level and is an ideal place for skiing in India.

While skiing in Auli, in the forest of the Gorson Reserve (part of Nanda Devi National Park) you are inhabited by very rare Himalayan wildlife. These include snow leopard, musk deer, wild boar, wild cat, wild rabbit, jackal, fox, hyena and bear. The snow-covered slopes of Auli, which once provided the training ground for paramilitary forces, have been awarded by French and Austrian experts who have declared it the best ski field in the world. In the summer season, hikers can find numerous marked trails and there are also mountain bike trails.

With its clean and tidy surroundings, sparkling white slopes and picturesque backdrop, Auli feels like heaven. Located in the Garhwal hills, 250km from Rishikesh, Auli is a must see for adventure and snow sports enthusiasts. Popular as a ski destination in India, Auli is also considered to be one of the top snowboard destinations in India.

Skiing in Manali


Surrounded by forests and groves, Narkanda is a picturesque town in the Shimla district, popular for skiing in the winter.

Located at an elevation of 9,000 feet, this city draws tourists for its ethereal natural beauty and gorgeous apple trees. Surrounded by tropical forests and majestic hills, this is a place that tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh shouldn’t miss. Narkanda also has a lake called Tannu Jabar Lake which is one of the main tourist attractions here. There is also a temple near the lake which is a must for all tourists and devotees who come here. Narkanda also has several hiking trails that all adventure seekers must take. Narkanda has a beautiful hill called Hatu Nag which you can climb. This hill offers a panoramic view of the city below and all adventure seekers traveling to this city should try it. You can also ski during the winters.

Narkanda is among the best destinations for snowboarding and skiing in India. Here the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation has been organizing ski and snowboard courses for many years. Tourists love this place for its impressive backdrop and tranquility. Adventure lovers and daredevils, however, are fascinated by the snowboard options. Narkanda is, in fact, one of the best places to ski in India.

best place to ski in India


Located at an altitude of 2,300 meters and nestled in the folds of snow capped mountains, Munsiyari is considered the Kashmir of Uttrakhand. Located in the Pithoragarh district, it is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations famous for its panoramic views of untouched nature. People visit Munsiyari to escape the busy city life and feel the tranquility of this place. The place offers fascinating views of the Himalayas and some impressive hikes.

Munsiyari in Uttarakhand is located on the banks of the Goriganga River and is a favorite spot for glacier enthusiasts and hikers. It is also a refuge for the Johar Valley. Munsiyari is home to some fantastic snowboarding activities in India for both beginners and professionals. Like snowboarding, skiing in Munsiyari is just as popular.


Dayara Bugyal is just that: a vast meadow located at an altitude of 3950 m (12956 ft) above sea level. A lawn isn’t exactly a common concept in modern India. Lush green lands with fresh air, cows grazing in the hills and a gentle breeze blowing is a very European setting than in India and can only be found at the higher elevations of the majestic Himalayas. The shepherds and nomads of the region first discovered this magnificent pasture and often told ordinary people stories of its beauty. “Bugyal” literally means a high altitude meadow in the local language of the area. Nature and adventure enthusiasts soon learned about this seemingly impressive piece of land and started exploring it. Today Dayara Bugyal is not only the most beautiful grassland in all of India, it is also a popular hiking destination for travelers from all over the world.

Situated between the peaks of Bandarpunch (6316m) and White Peak (6102m), the hike follows a 7km trail from Barsu Base Camp, passing through Raithal village and ending at the top of Dayara Bugyal. It is continuously surrounded by dense oak forests and snow-capped Himalayan peaks such as Bhagirathi, John Lee, Srikanth and Draupadi ka Danda.

In the winters (December-February), the meadow is covered in snow, turning into a 28 square kilometer ski resort with its rolling slopes. While Dayara Bugyal is a fun place to stay at any time of the year, it is most famous as a quiet place to hike for tourists who want to escape to the Himalayas for a long vacation or weekend, without the hassle of a challenging hike. .

Try snowboarding off the beaten track in India with Dayara Bugyal in Uttarakhand. The steep slopes, alpine meadows and frozen Barnala Tal offer complete pleasure to nature lovers and snow enthusiasts. There is also an option for skiing and a combo package for skiing and hiking.


Steep slopes, thick winter snow and fascinating landscapes sum up the atmosphere of Mundali, India’s closest snowboarding and skiing destination near Dehradun. The Mundali Ski School provides the necessary equipment and guidance for the lifelong experience. The natural beauty and majestic, enchanting scenery have made it a perfect choice for all types of travelers: camping enthusiasts, hikers, snow sports experts and nature lovers.


The popular Yumthang Valley in Northern Sikkim is located 140 km north of Gangtok. Famous as the “Valley of Flowers”, this is a rare and exotic place with hot springs, rivers, yaks and verdant meadows. Located at an altitude of 3,564 meters, this beautiful valley is a nature lover’s paradise as it is home to the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary, which has more than 24 species of rhododendron (the state flower) flowers that are in bloom from the end of February to mid-June.

Yumthang Valley is closed to tourists between December and March due to heavy snowfall in the region. Some hot springs are found in the Yumthang Valley, which is frequently visited by tourists as it is believed to have miraculous healing power. Aside from a cosmic green lawn, a lush green forest full of pine and fir trees fills the area. On the way to the Yumthang valley, you can see waterfalls and streams gushing along with a great view of the peaks with Pauhunri and Shundu Tsenpa.

The Yumthang Valley is not only famous for its picturesque landscape, but also as a hot spot for snow and adventure sports such as skiing, hiking and mountain biking. It is located at a distance of 140 km from Gangtok and an altitude of 3564 m above sea level. A forest house is the only permanent residence in the valley.

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About 3,200 meters above sea level and a 45-minute drive from Manali, Sethan offers exquisite and commanding views of the Dhauladhar mountain ranges. The town is an ideal location for snow activities such as skiing, snow walking and sledding. Sethan is an unconventional place and unlike other places where you don’t have a ski slope all to yourself, here you have all the ski slopes to yourself.


Patnitop is another beautiful place that attracts adventure enthusiasts during the winters with its fascinating skiing experiences. You can also take a course here to learn the sport, however if you are an expert, set the table and enjoy the fun expedition on the modest and gentle slopes of Patnitop. It is a perfect place for beginners, but if you are looking for challenging routes, you can go to Madha Top, located at a distance of 6 km from Patnitop.

Although Patnitop is an “anytime” place, the best time to visit Patnitop would be in the summers during May-June and in the fall (September-October). Summers in Patnitop are sure to awaken your inner adventurer. December to March is the best time to experience the scenic beauty of the snow capped mountains and indulge in recreational activities such as skiing, while the monsoons are perfect for a relaxing holiday that will make you rest. The honeymoon season in Patnitop starts in October and lasts until February. It is also a great time for families to reconnect.


Phuni Valley is a new name, but a wonderful ski destination in India with enormously growing popularity. 18km from Lachung, at an elevation of 11,000 square feet, the snow-capped slopes offer a landscape tailored for ski lovers.

Important Tips:

Carry an ID proof and all the essential items such as torchlight, medicines, first-aid kit, good winter garments, jackets and appropriate footwear.



What is the best season for skiing in India?

The best season for skiing in India is between mid-January and February end.

Is there an option of heli-skiing in India?

Yes, heli-skiing can be done Gulmarg and Kullu Valley in India.

Where can one learn to ski in India?

The best places to learn skiing in India are Gulmarg, Auli, and Solang Valley.

What should I wear first time skiing?

As long as you have a turtleneck, a sweater or a fleece jacket, and some kind of insulating pants to wear under a winter jacket and waterproof snow pants, you should be warm enough. A pair of winter gloves is a good idea, too.

Is skiing a good workout?

A Great Cardiovascular Activity. Downhill skiing is a great cardio exercise for heart health. Skiing also burns fat effectively and is a healthy way to lose weight or to keep your weight under control.

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