Dudhsagar waterfalls (Dudh – Milk, Sagar – Sea; literally Sea of   Milk) is a 4-tiered waterfall located in the Indian state of Goa. While Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches, there are a number of interesting but unexplored quirky places to visit in Goa. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Goa. After the filming scenes of the famous Bollywood movie “Chennai Express” at Dudhsagar waterfalls, it has become very popular and is often on the list of tourists who want to visit unconventional Goa. Considered to be among the highest waterfalls in India, Dudhsagar waterfalls are particularly unique and spectacular due to a railway track running through the center of the falls.

The Dudhsagar waterfalls

The three streams, the four-tiered waterfall is the fifth tallest waterfall in India with a staggering 600 meters high in its attribute. Accessible only by train or on foot, Dudhsagar is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled pieces of nature’s collection. The first sight of the milky-white waterfalls can fascinate even the most terrible people. It’s as surreal as a water oasis, right in the middle of the Thar desert. Dotted with rich greenery on all sides, here only enthusiastic and enthusiastic ecotourists will be your companions. Other times, the local villagers will charm you with their insight and warmth. Most of the time, Indian macaques try to make friends with you.

The train platform is the perfect viewpoint to appreciate this magnificence. And the view is splendid, as the steam rising from the exuberant gushing water forms a painting of clouds descending to witness the towering waterfalls. You can see a good 200m down the slope and green lake at the delightful Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, which is about 100m further down the trail. The water foam at the base of the falls gives an ethereal aura. The green puddle is a good place for a picnic where you can swim and have a fun day with your family and friends.

The tales say that there was a beautiful princess who loved to bathe in a lake near her home, currently Dudhsagar. In his bath ritual, he was given that he would finish his bath with a sweetened milk drink in his golden cup. One fine day, while she was bathing in the lake, she noticed a charming prince who was watching her from afar. He immediately poured the milk into the water to prevent him from seeing through the crystal clear water of the lake. It is said to be his jug of milk that flows incessantly in the streams of the waterfall, hence the name “Dudh’sagar waterfall”. Until now, nothing has managed to take away the pristine whiteness of autumn. It is said to mean the virtue and modesty of that princess, to this day.

View of the waterfalls from the camping site

Panjim to Dudhsagar Waterfalls

In Goa, Dudhsagar waterfalls are located on the eastern side of the state at the Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary among the Western Ghats in front of a town called Collem or Kulem. Dudhsagar waterfall forms the border between the states of Karnataka and Goa and is located in the middle of a dense forest area. Kulem is 66 kilometers from Panjim or 36 kilometers from Margao to the east. You can reach Kulem by road or take a train from Margao. If you are coming from the Bangalore side, you can get to Castlerock, which is about 500 kilometers from Bangalore.

The Dudhsagar Waterfalls Course

Dudhsagar waterfalls emerge from the Braganza Ghats of the Indian state of Karnataka. In Goa, it falls from a mountain cliff that is part of the Western Ghats (a mountain range in southwestern India). From the base of the falls it forms the Dudhsagar River which flows west into the state of Goa to join the Mahadayi River in the Karmane District. Further west, it joins the Mandovi River in the Ponda district and eventually flows into the Arabian Sea at Panjim, the state capital of Goa.

Some facts about Dudhsagar Waterfalls

  1. Dudhsagar waterfalls are considered to be one of the highest waterfalls in India. It falls from a height of 1020 feet and is about 100 feet wide.
  2. Dudhsagar waterfalls peak in flow during the monsoon season (June to September). As the waterfall feeds on rain, it forms a huge force of water during the monsoon. However, in the summer season (March to June) the flow slows down and the falls are not particularly spectacular.

Viewpoints around Dudhsagar Waterfalls

There are two points to see the Dudhsagar waterfall:

  1. Dudhsagar Railway Bridge: You can cross the Dudhsagar Railway Bridge. Here, you’ll get the zoomed-in view of the fall where one part will be above you and other parts below will flow from behind the bridge. You’ll also get a view of the falls for a few seconds if you’re aboard a train to Madgaon in Goa. Passenger trains generally do not stop at the Dudhsagar level crossing.
  2. Base of Dudhsagar waterfalls: Here, you walk to the base of the waterfall and you can see the whole fall from top to bottom. This is where the Dudhsagar River begins. You can also swim here if the flow isn’t too strong. You should enter by a door that says Dudhsagar waterfall and you will find a viewpoint here. After the viewpoint, you will need to cross some streams to get to the base of the falls.

Of course, you can do both: head to the Dudhsagar waterfalls Rail Bridge and head to the base if you have enough time and energy.

Dudhsagar falls view point

How to get to Dudhsagar Waterfalls

As mentioned above, Dudhsagar waterfalls are located in the middle of a dense forest, so there are no walkable paths to get to the falls. You can choose one of the ways below to reach / see the falls.

1. Take a train

To understand the train route, you need to know the location of the train stations around Dudhsagar waterfalls:

Castle Rock (Karnataka) —- Caranzol (Goa) —- Dudhsagar (Goa) —- DUDHSAGAR WATERFALL —- Sonaulim (Goa) — Kulem (Goa)

No passenger trains stop at Dudhsagar Railway Station. All trains stop at both train stations: Kulem (Mumbai, Pune, Goa side) and Castle Rock (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai side). You can easily take a train to either of these two train stations. From these Kulem or Castlerock train stations, you can hop on the engine of a slow freight train (if the driver is kind enough to let him – we’ve even heard people bribe the driver). These trains can stop at Dudhsagar station if they get a red signal, but the stop will be short where you have to get off the train (unreliable)!

Remember that there are no platforms at Dudhsagar station and you will have to jump 2 feet from the train. If you can get off here, the Dudhsagar waterfalls railway bridge is only 1 kilometer away in the direction of Kulem. You can easily walk along the train tracks for 1 kilometer to reach the Dudhsagar waterfalls railway bridge, from where you will have a great view of the falls. (Note: officially it is not allowed to get off the train at Dudhsagar station; weigh all the risks before choosing this way).

Another way is after arriving at Kulem or Castle Rock station by taking any train, take a freight train to Sonaulim train station. From Sonaulim station, you can walk the train tracks for 3 kilometers to reach the Dudhsagar waterfalls railway bridge (risky as the railway guard staff may stop you and you will be asked to return) or walk the mud path for 4 kilometers to reach the base of the Dudhsagar waterfall (more preferable).

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Best train option to get to Kulem from Mumbai

Board the Matsyagandha Express – 12619 from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) Mumbai at 3:20 pm and arrive at Madgaon Junction at 1:25 am, rest a few hours at night at the station

Climb aboard Vasco Da Gama – Kulem Passenger 56962 at 8:14 am and arrive in Kulem at 9:05 am and start your walk.

The best train option to get to Dudhsagar from Pune

There are two trekking options for the people of Pune. You can walk from Castle Rock and Kulem both. Take the Goa Express 12780 from Pune at 16:20 and arrive in Castle Rock at 3:05.

If you want to walk from Kulem, continue your journey on the same train and arrive in Kulem at 04:35.

The best train option to get to Dudhsagar from Bangalore

Take the Chennai Central – Vasco Da Gama Express 17311 from Yesvantpur Junction at 21:35. and arrives at Castle Rock at 9:25 am.

If you want to walk from Kulem, continue your journey on the same train and arrive in Kulem at 11:04.

2. Go By Walk

Walk along the train tracks (difficulty level: moderate)

Reach Kulem or Castle Rock train station by road or passenger train. From here, cross the train tracks to the Dudhsagar waterfalls rail bridge. You will have to walk 11 kilometers from Kulem and 14 kilometers from Castle Rock to reach the falls. Keep your ears open to the sound of the train whistle. There is enough room to get off the side of the platform when the train passes. Be careful when approaching trains, especially when walking through the many tunnels on this route. Bringing a flashlight will be convenient.

Please note that there is a possibility that forest rangers or railway personnel will stop you, mainly after Sonaulim station, and you will be asked to return. The best way to avoid this is to hire a guide from Kulem or Castle Rock. These are local villagers who know the area very well and will help you find an alternative route in the forest mud if they have heard of such a vigil on the train tracks. Local guides can charge you INR 500 per person and will accompany you all the way, notify you of the oncoming train, help you get off the tracks on time and of course guide you on alternative routes in case of a railway vigil. You can also negotiate the rates if you are a large group.

If you want to see Dudhsagar waterfalls from the base, walk along the train tracks to Sonaulim Train Station and then take the mud trail through the forest for 4 kilometers to reach the base of the waterfall. It is not recommended to take the mud road at the height of the monsoon as many streams pass along the road which are difficult to cross.

Walk through the forest (difficulty level: moderate to high)

Hiring a guide is a must if you choose to go to Dudhsagar waterfalls by hiking in the woods. To take this road, you will need to reach the village of Kulem. There are several local guides available here who will lead you through the forest road for a small fee mentioned above. If you don’t find any, be patient and ask. Usually many wander around to find customers.

Walking in the jungle is not recommended at the height of the monsoon as it becomes difficult to cross the various streams that stand in the way. Put on your most comfortable walking shoes and get ready to hike the muddy and muddy trails for 12 kilometers one way. This path is the most beautiful path leading to the base of the waterfall.

3. Go on a jeep safari (Difficulty level: easy; View: base of Dudhsagar waterfalls)

If you choose this route, you will need to make your way to the Dudhsagar Jeep Taxi Station in Kulem Village, which is very close to the Kulem Railway Station. Jeep safari is a government initiated service and is highly reliable. However, the jeep route is closed during the monsoon (mid-May to October) as the jeep tracks are too muddy and the streams are difficult to cross in heavy rain. Please note that it is not possible to bring your personal vehicle on the jeep track. 7 passengers are allowed in each jeep and if you are under 7 you will need to form a group of 7 with other nuclear groups before going to the jeep counter. The fare for the jeep safari is INR 2,800 for 7 passengers.

Make sure you get to the stall early in the morning, as crowds build up near the stall as the day progresses, especially on weekends. The jeep safari takes 45 minutes to reach the end of the thoroughfare. From there you have to walk for 15-20 minutes to reach the base of the Dudhsagar waterfalls. You will be given an hour and a half to see the waterfall and return in the same jeep to continue the journey. The jeep safari ticket office closes at 2:00 pm and all those present at the base of the waterfall are invited to return at 4:30 pm.

Ever thought of going to the cinematic waterfall with milky white water and a railway bridge in front of it with moving trains only to make the view even more scenic. The trek to Dudhsagar falls will let you enjoy this dynamic dreamlike location. So to fulfill this dream I contacted Adventuresome, who was organizing a trek to falls. So here are things that happened during the trek.
Trail of the dudhsagar waterfalls

Jeep safari to Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

Dudhsagar waterfalls are part of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. Jeep Safari is the best activity to do here. Getting off the road in the wet mud and observing the animals in the jungle make this safari very adventurous. The sanctuary is home to rare and valuable species of wildlife and is made up of various species of herbs, spices, and medicinal plants.

Depending on your luck, you will have the chance to see the abundant wildlife of Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary including elephant, tiger, deer, Indian bison, leopard, Indian python, etc. Oropendola, Great Indian Hornbill, etc.

You have to be a little careful as there are a lot of wild animals in this park. The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is known for its trekking route and jeep safari.

Visit the ancient temple of Tambdi Surla Mahadev

Tambdi Surla temple is the temple of Mahadev Lord Shiva built in the 12th century. This temple is located within the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. The temple is known for its antiquity and its unique architectural style. It is the only monument of Kadamba Yadava architecture.

Best time to visit Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Monsoon and after monsoon July to December is the best time to visit Dudhsagar waterfalls. The place is based on the waterfall and we can see the true beauty of nature during the monsoon.

During the monsoon the water level is high so you have to be a little careful and some precautions to complete the hike successfully and happily. If you want to avoid high waters and avoid mud on the roads, you can take this excursion after the monsoon and during the winter. The water level of the falls is moderate at that time and the trail is more accessible than in the monsoon season.

Dudhsagar bridge

Places to stay near Dudhsagar Waterfalls

If you are hiking and plan to spend the night here alone, then Dudhsagar Waterfall Campground is a great place, which is right next to Dudhsagar waterfalls.

You have to bring your own tent as no one offers a tent for rent here and only sleeping bags are not enough to spend the night. At the weekend, arrive early to reserve your camping spot. Aside from your tent, if you want to be comfortable, here are the few resorts you’ll find in the city area.

Resort to stay near Dudhsagar waterfalls

  1. Nature’s Nest, 12 KM and a 20 minute drive from Kulem Railway Station. Dudhsagar Farmstay has a swimming pool. Located in the village of Karmane and has its own spice garden.
  2. The Jungle Book Resort located near the Kulem Railway Station is a good choice to stay.
  3. Castle Rock Adventure Camp, which is run by the Karnataka government and is a fully functional camp.


  1. National park admission: INR 50 per person
  2. Life jacket: INR 30 per jacket (mandatory for all)
  3. Guide fee: 500 INR per person
  4. Jeep fare: INR 2800 for a group of 7 passengers

Note: Prices may vary around the year

Things to remember before visiting Dudhsagar Waterfalls

There are no restaurants or food stalls near Dudhsagar waterfalls. Make sure you bring your own food. You would get food from the local village in Sonaulim’s only home.

If you are going to the base of the falls, remember to keep your groceries inside the bags as you enter the Dudhsagar gate. The intrepid monkeys will be everywhere grabbing any colorful packaging they see.

If you want to swim in the Dudhsagar River at the base of the falls, do it only with a life jacket. Bathing in the monsoon is not recommended when the water flows with great force.

There are no cloakrooms / lockers to store luggage near the falls.

The Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary is a plastic-free area. Please don’t make the place dirty.

Toilets are available near the falls, but their cleanliness is another matter.

If you take the forest hike, you may encounter snakes in some sections. They are usually small and harmless unless you disturb them. But having a guide helps as they tend to spot them easily and aren’t afraid of them.

Dudhsagar Tunnel

Things you should take with you on the trek

  1. Trekking shoes: avoid heavy shoes. Wear light but sturdy boots.
  2. Waterproof: If you are planning a hike during the monsoon, you must bring a coat
  3. Curtains: if you plan to be alone
  4. Flashlight with extra batteries
  5. Extra Clothing: Bring extra clothes and long sleeve dresses
  6. Towel, soap, disinfectant
  7. Bedding materials: blanket, sleeping bag (make sure the bedding materials are light)
  8. Portable chargers and full cell phone charging
  9. Basic medical kit
  10. Materials to eat: plate, cup, spoon
  11. News papers
  12. Lighter, drier papers
  13. Knife
  14. Odomos mosquito repellent cream
  15. Extra sanitary napkins

This way, you will have fun and complete your other excursion, and of course, create beautiful memories here. You will love this adventure and it will refresh your mind.

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