Ever thought of going to the cinematic waterfall with milky white water and a railway bridge in front of it with moving trains only to make the view even more scenic. The trek to Dudhsagar falls will let you enjoy this dynamic dreamlike location.

So to fulfill this dream I contacted Adventuresome, who was organizing a trek to Dudhsagar falls. So here are things that happened during the trek.

The Dudhsagar falls

Day 0: The journey to the Dudhsagar falls begins

I was very excited for the Dudhsagar trek and was traveling from Bangalore to Mysore for a refreshing getaway weekend. I had to board the bus at Jalahalli Cross. So after reaching Jalahalli Cross by 9:45 pm via metro i got know that the bus would reach Jalahalli Cross only after 11 pm. Finally, the bus showed up at 11:30 with 30 other enthusiasts ready for the trip. We were running very late and were expected to reach Kulem by 10 am. So everyone had a good night sleep.

Fun moments in dudhsagar

Day 1: Trekking, camping and the scenic waterfalls

We reached a restaurant in Dharwad around 7 am in the morning, freshened up there and had quite a good breakfast and hit the road again. We reached the Ghats section which indeed had lots of twisted roads. It was really thrilling going through twists and turns watching the never-ending greenery which surrounded us.

We reached the Goa border very late around 12 pm. We parked our bus there unloaded all the necessary things like rucksacks, sleeping bags, and tents. Two vehicles were arranged to us to the Kulem rail station from where the actual trek starts. You can also find people who take you to Dudhsagar falls  by bikes. We took the survival things which we needed like water bottles, apples, bananas, biscuits, cakes, juice, etc.

It was a very hot day, and we were expecting a little rain to cool the place down. But nothing much happened.  We started the waterfall Dudhsagar trek at 1 pm. The complete distance to Dudhsagar is 12 kilometers and the initial 5-6 kilometers on the railway track which is filled with stones followed by a walk through the forest of BhagwanMahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary, have lunch, and then again reconnect on the railway track to reach Dudhsagar falls. The trail becomes even adventures as you have to constantly be careful from stepping on the poop in the railway track.

Trail of the dudhsagar falls

The railway tracks were very nicely built by the engineers who should be appreciated. The track from Kulem to castle rock consists of 5 stations: Kulem, Sonalium, Caranzol, Dudhsagar, and Castle Rock. This is also known as Braganza Ghats. The Ghats consists for beautiful tropical forests, monkeys howling from the top of trees, the enchanting BhagwanMahaveer Sanctuary section, around 12+ tunnels, some rickety yet vintage stations from the Portuguese era, and of course the Dudhsagar falls itself.

It was a wonderful experience walking on the tracks and we saw many people on 2-wheelers. It was so peaceful going through the trees into tunnels. Everything was exciting.  You also have to be careful and listen to the sound of incoming trains. The track was filled with plastics and paper cups thrown all around which made the place dirty.


Trekking through the BhagwanMahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary:

We took a left from the track after 4 kilometers of the trek into the BhagwanMahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary. This beautiful park is home to Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Macaque, Monkeys, Deer, vivid snakes among others. Walking through the forest was a little relief from the railway track and was refreshing. You will find a lot of streams to refill your water bottles. And also you’ll not find any sign of leeches that other rain forests have. So you can walk through the wood peacefully.

As we were near to the Sonalium village for lunch we found a stream which we had to cross. Most of them crossed the stream barefoot to feel the coolness and some even took a dip to get to cool them down from hot weather. Then we reached Sonalium village for lunch at 3 pm. We had some traditional food which was hot rice, sambar, pickle, and papad. And as we were tired and hungry the food became even more delicious.

camp view of the waterfalls

After crossing the Sonalium railway station we reached our first tunnel. Everyone was very excited to go through the tunnel. These tunnels are caved through big mountains and rocks. The tunnels should we crossed as soon as possible as there is less air and also a train passing through it can make it dangerous. But not everyone one gets to go through tunnels. So everyone switched on the torchlight and continued the adventure ahead.


The First view point:

At 6:30 pm we finally reached the first viewpoint from where we had the glance of the milky white waterfalls, the Dudhsagar falls. The view was so pleasing for the eyes to watch. Everyone started to scream like kids when they get some of their favorite things. We took countless pictures and continued the trek. This place had a U shaped railway track, which means that a train crossing you would be visible to you on the bridge after 5 minutes.

The best sight for a photographer to capture the scene with a train and the insane Dudhsagar waterfall in the backdrop. As it was getting dark we started to walk even faster and reached the Dudhsagar falls at 7:30 pm. It was pitch dark but the milky white waterfall was glowing and was very clearly visible. We could not get any photos because of the darkness and had to wait until the morning.

camping in the night

Then we all found a campsite little away from the waterfalls. We set up our tents there had started our rocking night. Few people had to go back to Sonalium village 4 kilometers away to get dinner. Really grateful to the people for their effort to go that far to get dinner when everyone was already tired. While the organizers from Adventuresome went to get the dinner we all gathered up and started interacting with each other and even played some games.

As we patiently waited the people were back with the dinner. They encountered a cobra in the way which made our night a little scary. We all lit up a bonfire and started to enjoy our dinner as we were so hungry as if we had been starving for days. After the stomach filling dinner, everyone went to sleep thinking to get up the next day for the amazing views.

Day 2: Heading back home from the Dudhsagar falls trek

I woke up in the morning around 6 am, fully exciting for the waterfall view. As soon as I can out the tent I saw around 100 people watching the Dudhsagr falls. Most of them had come from Mumbai or Pune in train and got at Sonalium station at 2 am and walked till here to enjoy the wonder. Without wasting any time I pulled out my camera and started to take some beautiful pictures of the waterfall. We did cover all the angels and did all the things to get insane pictures.

I along with my friend sneaked into a tunnel nearby which lead to a pool formed by the waterfall. The view from the bottom was even more amazing. The only thing is we cannot go into the pool as the water coming into it had a huge force and would wipe you away. So we stood beside captured some more memories in my camera.

Train moving in front of Dudhsagar falls

Now it was 8 am and it was the time to head back. So we started our journey home. After going through 3 tunnels we took a right turn where we found a small river where could take a dip and wash up. So we all kept our bags aside, quickly changed our clothes went into the cold flowing river. It was such a relief from all the tiredness. We all enjoyed and had fun in the river for about hours without causing any problems, regained the much-needed energy and headed back to the trek.

From there we reached Sonalium in about 2 hours and had our breakfast. It was poha and tea. We all filled our mouth as much as we could as we were hungry and also because it was so delicious. Then from there, we continued the trek to Kulem on the railway tracks dodging the entire human poop again and finally made it to the Kulim railway station completing the trek of Dudhsagar falls.

End of the Trip:

Headding back we got freshened up in the nearby resort and boarded our bus to head back to Bangalore. As it was a long journey we played antakshri to kill the time and also dance to a few awesome songs. It was a lot of fun but had to say goodbye to all. At Silk board I got from the bus and from there reached my home with a lot of awesome memories.

If you also wanna enjoy this awesome trek, click on Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trek.

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