If I had to describe the experience of going on a trip to Udupi, I would
say “it is a simplified and a peaceful version of Goa”. It is perfect
for a weekend getaway from Bangalore. Being a coastal area, summers are
humid and hot in Udupi so I suggest visiting the place in the winters,
i.e between November to February. 

Some of the must visit places in Udupi are:

  1. Malpe Beach


A view of the sunset at Malpe Beach

Beach is the most popular place in Udupi. It is the largest port in
Karnataka. It’s a beautiful beach with fun activities going on all
around. I suggest going there in the evenings as you will be able to see
a magnificent and vivid sunset. Malpe is also a blessing for seafood
lovers as the beach is surrounded with all kinds of stalls with
delicious varieties of seafood. 

2. St. Mary’s Island


The clear blue view of St. Mary’s island

Mary’s island is the epitome of scenic beauty. It can be reached via a
15–20 minute ferry ride from Malpe beach. Ferries are easily available.
The island is surrounded by rocks. The waves are crystal clear and
watching the clear blue sky along with the beautiful scenery of the
island feels therapeutic. 

3. Kaup Beach


Left: Kapu Beach, Right: View from the lighthouse

Beach’s major highlight is the Kapu lighthouse. A breathtaking view can
be seen from the top of the lighthouse. One can simply find himself
lost in the view and the sound of the waves hitting the shore at the top
of the lighthouse. The experience is soothing and astounding. 

those are my recommendations for the must places to visit in Udupi. I
hope it helps in planning your next trip and I wish you have an
Adventuresome trip! 

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