Lakshwadeep once in the past known as the Laccadive, Minicoy and Aminidivi Islands is a gathering of islands in the Laccadive Sea, 200 to 440 km (120 to 270 mi) off the southwestern shore of India. There are a wide variety of islands in Lakshadweep. The archipelago is controlled as an association region and locale of India. They were otherwise called Laccadive Islands, albeit geologically this is just the name of the focal subgroup of the gathering. Lakshadweep signifies “one hundred thousand islands” in Malayalam. The islands structure the littlest Union Territory of India and their all out surface region is only 32 km2 (12 sq mi). The tidal pond zone covers around 4,200 km2 (1,600 sq mi), the regional waters territory 20,000 km2 (7,700 sq mi) and the selective monetary zone region 400,000 km2 (150,000 sq mi). The locale frames a solitary Indian region with 10 regions. Kavaratti fills in as the capital of the Union Territory and the locale goes under the ward of Kerala High Court. The islands are the northernmost of the Lakshadweep-Maldives-Chagos gathering of islands, which are the highest points of an immense undersea mountain go, the Chagos-Laccadive Ridge

       Ten of the islands are occupied. Most of the indigenous populace is Muslim and the greater part of them has a place with the Shafi School of the Sunni order. The islanders are ethnically like the Malayali individuals of the closest Indian province of Kerala. The vast majority of the populace communicates in Malayalam with Mahi (or Mahl) being the most communicated in language in Minicoy Island. The islands are served by an air terminal on Agatti Island. The fundamental control of the individuals is angling and coconut development, with fish being the primary thing of fare.

Geographical boundaries of Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is an archipelago of twelve atolls, three reefs and five lowered banks, with a sum of around thirty-nine islands and islets. The reefs are in reality likewise atolls, albeit for the most part lowered, with just little unvegetated sand cays over the high-water mark. The lowered banks are depressed atolls. Practically all the atolls have an upper east southwest direction with the islands lying on the eastern edge, and a generally lowered reef on the western edge, encasing a tidal pond. It has ten occupied islands, 17 uninhabited islands, joined islets, four recently shaped islets and five lowered reefs.

Tourism in Lakshadweep

Because of its disconnection and picturesque intrigue, Lakshadweep was at that point known as a vacation destination for Indians since 1974. This acquires critical income, which is probably going to increment. Since such a little district can’t bolster enterprises, the legislature is effectively advancing the travel industry as a methods for money in Bangaram and Kadmat islands. Bangaram is anticipated to turn into a significant goal for universal the travel industry. Marine fauna are abundant. Water sports exercises, for example, scuba plunging, wind surfing, swimming, surfing, kayaking, paddling, water skiing, sportfishing, yachting and night ocean journeys are well known exercises among sightseers. Travelers run to these islands consistently, aside from during the southwest storm months when oceans are incredibly harsh.

The administration has likewise proposed to set up two traditions freedom registration workplaces so vacationers can enter legitimately as opposed to getting authorization from the closest traditions office in Kochi, which is 260 nautical miles (300 mi; 480 km) from these islands. These will be the littlest traditions workplaces in India. The travel industry is required to get a major lift after these workplaces open as the islands lie on one of the busiest voyage entries

One of the Isalnds in Lakshadweep

Best Islands in Lakshadweep

  1. Agatti Island
  2. Minicoy Island
  3. Bangaram Island
  4. Kalpeni Islands
  5. Kadmat Island
  6. Amindivi Island
  7. Kavaratti Island

Let’s explore the Islands in detail.

1. Agatti Island

          It is a 7.6 km long island, situated on a coral atoll called Agatti atoll in the Union Territory of LakshadweepIndia. Agatti is situated around 459 km (285 mi) off Kochi in the territory and one of the best islands in Lakshadweep. It is 531 km away from Kollam (Quilon) and 529 km away from Kollam Port. Kavaratti, the nearest possessed island, lies 54 km to the SE and Suheli Par atoll 76 km toward the south. Agatti Atoll’s absolute land region is 3.226 km2 (1.246 sq mi) (of it, The primary island 3.141 km2 (1.213 sq mi) and the little Kalpatti Island has 0.085 km2 (0.033 sq mi). Kalpatti is situated at the southern end on the equivalent reef. The tidal pond region is 24.84 sq. km. One can get connected with this island by sea route from cochin or via airways to Agatti Aerodrome the only airport in Lakshadweep.


  • Agatti and other Lakshadweep Islands speak to a feeling of remoteness (Population of these islands is in hundreds and not thousands) that is unparalleled anyplace in Indian region and coordinated by just a couple of islands on the planet.
  • Agatti Islands are visited as an escape for its remoteness and completely clear waters and White sand sea shores. Scuba jumping fans and action driven visitors show up here to explore coral destinations around the territory and experience the remoteness and magnificence.
  • Exercises at Agatti involve swimming in completely clear waters, swimming and scuba plunging Deep Sea Fishing, cruising, glass base vessel rides, water skiing and kayaking .
  • Agatti has one private retreat, Agatti Island Beach Resort which is open all as the year progressed.
  • Agatti offers straightforward and practical stays and visitors expecting extravagance resorts and contrasting it and Maldives should remain away.

2. Minicoy Island

          One of the 36 little islets of Lakshadweep gathering of Islands, Minicoy, otherwise called Maliku in the neighborhood language is extraordinary compared to other kept mysteries of India. It is situated in the midst of the immense breadth of Arabian Sea, only 398 km or 215 nautical miles from the shores of Cochin. The little island incorporates the all out region of 4.801 sq. km and is solely known for its lively coral reefs, interesting white-sand sea shores and the new water of the limitless sea.

        The Minicoy Island is the second biggest Island in Lakshadweep and is one of only a handful not many possessed islands of the gathering. It is most popular for its extravagance sea shore resorts that are a perfect goal for the explorers looking for serenity. It is additionally a sentimental escape to invest some quality energy with your adored in the midst of the perfect sea shores and the excellent sea. An excursion to Minicoy Island isn’t tied in with visiting the visitor places; it is tied in with looking for the excellence of nature in its most perfect and most undisturbed structure, as the island hasn’t been ruined by the commercialization yet.

          For the best understanding, you ought to without a doubt decide to remain at the lavish sea shore resorts ignoring the pearl White Sea shores and the turquoise blue ocean. This pleasant goal is a mainstream place of interest and has increased gigantic fame because of exercises like fish canning, fish angling and the nearness of flawless palm bordered sea shores. Visitors can appreciate the absolute most significant minutes here during winters and the beginning of summer, as the climate here is perfect during those months. This is one of those islands in Lakshadweep which should not be missed.


  • The gleaming sea shores of white sand combined with the away from waters of the Arabian Sea are the most unmistakable component of the Minicoy Islands.
  •  The entire island is loaded down with the palm and coconut trees which add to the normal magnificence of this spot.
  •  The old beacon is a significant fascination of the island which was worked by the Britishers in the year 1885 and offers the stunning perspective on the Minicoy and the magnificent ocean.
  • Juma Masjid is another fascination of the island which is an old mosque worked in the medieval period and houses the rich antiquated artists that were found on the island.
  • Kayaking on the customary vessels and investigating the lively coral reefs while scuba jumping and swimming are the absolute best encounters to have on the islands.
Minicoy Island

3. Bangaram Island

          Bangaram Island, an island situated free blue waters of the Indian Ocean and is one of the many amazing islands in Lakshadweep. The unblemished sea shores and energetic coral reefs are a reward for voyagers. Stroll around the whole island, swim with the beautiful fishes, observe how the sting beams influence, look at the dolphins as they draw nearer to become companions with you, notice the turtles move lackadaisical either on the sea shore or submerged and watch the splendid shades of the coral reefs around. It’s an encounter never to be missed. This captivating island is otherwise called Bunnagara in the nearby language and is considered as one of the least investigated pieces of Lakshadweep Islands.

          The Bangaram Island includes a region of 1.234 km2 and is the biggest island in the chain of islands in the locale (otherwise called atoll) with a lovely tidal pond. With a populace of just 10 and only one sea shore resort, The Bangaram Island Beach Resort, it is an able goal for individuals who need to detach altogether from the quick paced world. The sea shore resort was introduced in 1974, and it turned out to be increasingly available for vacationers after the Agatti Aerodrome was dispatched and the recurrence of business departures from Kochi expanded. The Government of India is additionally advancing the travel industry on the Island and is anticipating it to be a significant goal for worldwide the travel industry.

          The individuals who live on the Island are the ones that work at the retreat that is open for voyagers. The little region and less populace give a feeling of being on a private island. The dawns and nightfalls are a treat to the eyes by the shimmering sea shore, and a scope of exercises to enjoy makes the stay beneficial, however regardless of whether you pick just to laze around, the tranquil sea shore of Bangaram Island ought to be on your container list.


  • The courageous ones can get their adrenaline siphoning by enjoying the different water sports accessible at the sea shore.
  • One can go paddling, kayaking, water skiing or windsurfing. There are arrangements for plunging and swimming for the ones who need to investigate the sea bed and its widely varied vegetation.
  • Game plans for a night journey on a Yacht can likewise be made for a sentimental journey in the ocean under the twilight sky.
  • A round of sea shore volleyball is an impressive method to appreciate the sun and the sand on this awesome island.
  • Night suppers can be masterminded by a blaze alongside games, extraordinary food and some enchanted beverages.
Bangaram is one the most beautiful isalnds in Lakshadweep

4. Kalpeni Islands

          Otherwise called Koefaini, Kalpeni islands is a gathering of three islands and is one of the most pleasant regions of Lakshadweep. Cheriyam, Pitti and Tillakkam are the islands which together structures the Kalpeni islands. Kalpeni has some of the prettiest islands in Lakshadweep. These islands are possessed and are every now and again visited by vacationers. Kalpeni is well known for its delightful tidal pond encompassing the island and is profoundly wealthy in Coral life. Normally, this spot is among the must-see puts in Lakshadweep. This is likewise an extraordinary spot to appreciate water sports including Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Reef strolling, paddling, kayaking and cruising yachts.

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5. Kadmat Island

          Rambling over 9.3 kms long, Kadmat Island is a lovely island which is a piece of the Amindivi subgroup of islands in Lakshadweep archipelago. Bragging shiny white sea shores, sunkissed shores, superb blue tidal ponds, purplish blue waters, and lively coral reefs, Kadmat Island is a voyagers’ pleasure. The beautiful island in Lakshadweep is invaded with marine turtles which live and breed here. Other than that, the island simply has one occupied town called Kadmat where angling is the significant occupation.

Kadmat Island offers a large group of exercises to its visitors which is the reason it is crowded by a great many sightseers consistently. Probably the most mainstream exercises and activities on the island are scuba jumping, kayaking, swimming and paragliding. It is one the islands in Lakshadweep for people interested in adventure activities. Furthermore, you can likewise simply sit and sun douse and appreciate the dazzling environmental factors. You can likewise decide to profit a portion of the many astonishing spa and back rub administrations accessible here.


  • Deep sea Fishing : The spot is home to an assortment of fish which incorporate Shark, Bonefish, Snappers, Tuna and Stonefish and so forth. You can either angle at the shores or recruit a pontoon to go angling mid ocean.
  • Kayaking : It is another of the mainstream exercises to give a shot at the island. Because of its perfect nature and in light of the fact that it is generally immaculate and un commercialized. Kadmat Island has completely clear waters. You can appreciate a perspective on the equivalent in the glass base vessel rides that are accessible at the island. Other than fish and corals, you can likewise spot ocean turtles and other marine living beings from inside the pontoon. You can likewise appreciate nightfalls from these vessels.
  • Snorkelling and Scuba diving : Another top exercises to appreciate at Kadmat Island are Snorkeling, Deep Sea Diving and Scuba Diving. There are a few destinations and association which will assist you with getting a charge out of and take an interest in these experience sports. Kadmat Island gloats of a rich and various marine life and energetic coral reefs. The action lets you bring a look into the outlandish amphibian untamed life and it is without a doubt going to be one of the absolute best encounters of your life.
Kadmat Island

6. Amindivi Island

          One of the most habited islands in Lakshadweep; Amindivi is a gathering of islands lying in the North Lakshadweep and is celebrated for its ensemble items. It is a perfect spot for those trying to encounter the nearby culture and markets of Lakshadweep. Because of government guidelines, outside sightseers are not permitted to visit this island.

Amindivi Island

7. Kavaratti Island

          Kavaratti Island is one of the most delightful pearls from the Lakshadweep gathering of islands. The capital of Lakshadweep it is one more island celebrated for its stunning ocean sees and the unblemished white-sand sea shores. Kavaratti lies 360 km from the shores of Kochi. It doesn’t have its air terminal and Agatti is the closest air terminal to the island. Under the mission to create shrewd urban areas, Kavaratti has been decided to be formed into a savvy city in the years to come.

          Kavaratti is a little island spread over a territory of 3.93 sqm km, yet there is no shortage of characteristic excellence at the islands. The island is a home to 12 atolls, five lowered banks, and three coral reefs. The awesome perspectives on the Arabian ocean, the shimmering white-sand sea shores offers comfort in the midst of the quiet nature. The sea shores are weighed down with the swinging coconut trees, and once you take a plunge inside the immense span, you can observer the plenteous marine existence of the island. Kavaratti is one of the most popular islands in Lakshadweep that has wonderful views and the enchanting water sports.

Kavaratti Island

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Frequently Asked Questions about Islands in Lakshadweep

1. How to reach Lakshadweep ?

One can reach Lakshadweep by flight and ships from Kochi. Lakshadweep Administration operates ships from Kochi.

By Air* : The airport at Agatti is well networked with the mainland at Kochi (Cochin) from where onward flights to most of the airports in India and to selected foreign destinations are available.  (The Agatti Island is the gateway to Bangaram)

The Indian Airlines operates its flight to Agatti Island now all days in a Week. By Indian Airlines Wednesday and Fridays. The flight from Cochin International Airport to Agatti takes approximately one hour thirty minutes).

By Ship* : Four passenger ships M.V Kavaratti, M.V Tipusultan, M.V. Bharatseema, M.V Aminidivi and M.V Minicoy operate between Kochi and the islands. The ships have standard voyages which takes between 14 to 20 hours. Kochi / Agatti direct or Kochi / Kavarati / Kadmath / Amini.  Inter transport available by speed boats).

While on board the ship, a representative of ‘TOURISM’ who has been specially designated to assist you. In case of any difficulty, please avail of his services.

Helicopter Service* : Helicopter transfer is available from Agatti to Bangaram Island Resort during monsoon and to Kavaratti through out the year.

2. What is the best time to visit this place?

The best an ideal opportunity to visit Lakshadweep is from October to mid May. From mid May to September it is stormy. In spite of the way that all of the inns in Lakshadweep are open reliably, coming to there by transport is irksome during storm.

3. Do one needs permit to visit Lakshadweep?

Lakshadweep islands are fundamentally limited territories and the country’s littlest association domain. All guests need a grant to enter Lakshadweep. Anyway for bonafied travelers the license and different customs will be masterminded by the visit coordinators or approved private hotel gatherings and are absolved from section limitation.

4. What activities can one do in at Lakshadweep?

Water sports stand high on the rundown with scuba jumping, kayaking, swimming and water games being extremely well known. The sea shores are extraordinary to investigate as are the islands with their tendency’s abundance and nearby culture. Unwinding on the sea shores with a book close by is additionally a mainstream choice.

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