Bangalore is a place where people have irons in the fire, in such a hurry burry life, it’s something obvious to have a day break from a tight schedule days in this metropolitan city. Bangalore being the capital of Karnataka lies in the center of the state and furnishes abundance of options for one day trip from Bangalore.


Ideal for both brisk ingress and long exhilarating abscond. Nandi is an absolute Paradise to be in, surrounded by breathtaking views, spectacular attractions and surreal experience, to this place is a tiny concealed gem.

It is one the best one day trip from Bangalore to relax yourself from daily stress. The journey preferably should be started in night, as in to catch the bewitching sunrise scene; orange, yellow and red clouds of pretty hues sheathing hill tops in the morning.

The moon gleaming through the tall trees and their leaves, at the night is panorama in itself. The sun coming up through the clouds, and you sitting on the rocks and relishing the great view and the coziness in the mist is totally worth it. Stopping by the tea stall for having beverages like tea or coffee, or Maggi etc and sharing some laughter with friends in the chilling night.

Being located around 62.1km away from Bangalore and also, from on a hill top on a cliff which is 600 meters above the ground from where the primroses we’re pushed off.

The name ‘Nandi Hills’ is originated from the resemblance of the hill to a sleeping bull (Nandi), or some say Yoga Nadeeshwara performed his penance here and it is named after him.

BHOGA NANDEESHWAR TEMPLE: An ancient temple situated at the base of hill, twinned with Yoga Nandeeshwar temple, situated at top of the hills, dedicated to lord Shiva.

AMRITA SAROVAR: “The lake of Nectar” is the beautiful water body that had been formed by perennial springs. A visit at night is a must to see the beauty of glistening clear water under moonlight.

NANDI HILLS​, best place for one day trip from Bangalore


Also known as Kalvara Durga is a famous Mountain fortess located about 62km from the Bangalore. While rugged yet picturesque terrain was a chic spot for nature lovers, becoming fast hotspot for adventure enthusiasts as well. Owning to the simple and we’ll organized trails Skandagiri break is ideal for first timers.

The trek begins in night time which is fun itself; the adventure needs your adrenaline boos while covering the 10km long trek. This one day trip from Bangalore is best for seeing the awesome sunrise with clouds all around.

On the way back to the peak, the trails demands more of your energy as the steep terrain begins; but however, climbing up and witnessing the first Ray of light from the hills is the major driving force.

After reaching the top, one can set up bonfire and create some memories with friends and then witness the most exquisite sunrise and capture the sight of rays coming through the misty clouds and touching the peaks of hill.

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Skandagiri- one day trip from Bangalore for sunrise


Hindu pilgrimage center and mountain peak with 804 meters located near Dobbaspet, located 54 km away from Bangalore. The sacred mountain is shaped as shivaling and spring flows near which is considered to be holy “Ganga”.

The area is popular site for rock climbing, the entire trekking path to reach the foothills is of 2.3km in a pre-defined path.

The entire trail, is well marked and presence of man-made steps which makes the trek easy for the first half but the narrowness increases, and precipitous steps are very high energy demanding comes along with danger.

Once you reach, the top you will want to relish the entwined combination of tranquility and cool breeze and enjoy the picturesque.


Often referred to as “Niagra falls of India” is scintillating waterfall in Dharampuri the district of Tamil Nadu, located 180km from Bangalore.

The Kaveri river forks into multiple streams and falls through multiple steps, making the sight mesmerizing thing to behold, known for its pristine appeal, the fall are the prime attraction in the region. The water is believed to be fit for drinking also,because of the medicinal properties, owing to the numerous herbs that grow in it’s path.

There is an option of enjoying the coracle boat ride from one end of the river to the other, someone can simply find the marvels of enchanting beauty of the falls. Hogenakkal falls is the best one day trip from Bangalore to see some eye pleasing waterfalls.

Hogenakkal falls- one day trip from Bangalore for waterfalls


The historic settlement of Mysuru, is one of the South India’s most enchanting cities, famed for it’s glittering royal heritage and magnificent monuments and buildings.

It is also rich in tradition, with a deeply atmospheric bazaar district replete with spice stores and incense stalls. It’s the is the best one day trip from Bangalore which should not be missed.

Mysuru palace: This palace is among the very grandest royal buildings in India and was the seat of the Wodeyar Maharajas.

The original place was gutted by the fire in 1897, today’s structure was completed in 1912.

The lavish Indo-saracenic interior, a Kaleidoscope of stained glass, mirrors and gaudy colors an undoubtedly over the top.

It is further embellished by carved wooden, doors mosaic floors and a series of paintings depicting life here during the Raj.

Brindavan garden: This garden is laid out in 3 terraces and ends in a horseshoe shape, spread acorss 60acres in Mysore is undeniable one of the terrace gardens in the world; with it’s illuminated fountains, botanical parks, boating is a place for everyone.

Shivanasamundra Falls: This is located 65 km east from Mysuru situated at the band if river Cauvery wrapped with lush green hills and valleys.

 The water winds it’s way through the Deccan plateau and drops downstream to for the twin waterfalls; the western called as Ganachukki falls while the eastern knows as Barachukki falls.

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The hill landscape and the wide open spaces of relatively untouched nature makes Ramnagara a spectacular escape from hustle and bustle of concrete jungle we live in.

Rock climbing: The compact hills and seemingly vertical rock faces make for great technical climbs, with bolts put in by local climbers, climbing becomes a bit easier.

Birdwatching: For nature buffs, this place is a weekend Destination.

Yellow throated bulbuls and long billed vultures call this area as their home. The hills outcrops is one of the very few destinations in South India where long billed vultures nest.

Other than brids, nature and animal lovers can spot sloth and bears ok short hikes on treat through the hills.

RAMNAGARAM​, best place to visit near bangalore for one day trip


Kabini would be the place to haunt in of wildlife enthusiasts and photographs, as it provides sightings of animals that are usually elusive in other areas, located at 230kms from Bangalore with pleasant drive of 4-5 hours of drive.

The beauty of the melanistic leopard or Black Panther is a rare sight indeed. Best visited between September and may for animals sightings, best period is considered to be between November and June.

Wildlife Safari: There is no better way to immerse yourself in the wilderness than a wildlife safari. Safaris are conducted twice a day Kabini, are the best time to witness most of the animals of the reserve.

Navigate The Waters: The boat rides on the calm Waters of the lake offers a total different perspective of the forest. A memorable sunset paddle on the rafts, pedal boats and kayaks is the reconnected.

Bird Watching: Birdwatchers come to the forest reserve in droves, to record the various species that has this serene place as their home. Over 350 species of birds have been identified around this pristine reverie landscape.

Nature Walks and Campfire: Nature walks are a fun activity in Kabini reserve where guests are accompanied by experts of the terrain. Interaction with some of the locals in nearby tribal villages add a cultural flavor to this experience. Evening campfires set the stage for unforgettable memories of an unforgettable trip.

kabini- one day trip from Bangalore for some wildlife and nature


Formally known as Tirulattur is a hill station in Tamil Nadu 160km away from Bangalore. One should definitely plan a one day trip from Bangalore to Yelagiri and witness some of the best views nature could offer.

Nature Park: A famous and alluring nature park spread over an area of 12 acres. The park is situated near to Punganur lake. It’s s place for all the age groups, and the sense of peace while being surrounded by soothing environment.  The poly house, fish aquarium, seasonal garden, artificial Cascade etc are the add on to this place.

Punganur Lake: One of the most popular artificial lakes in Tamil Nadu spread across 60 square meter. The serenity and exquisiteness of this spellbinding place or enough to rekindle love.

Trekking in Swamimalai Hills: The trail is crammed with candid views of valley’s and landscape, in order to reach the top, one has to undergo on easy to moderate short 3km trek from lake Punganur lake.

Adventure Sports: A perfect spot for some heart pumping adventure, options rock climbing and paragliding. (YASA) Yellagiri Association of Adventure Sports organizes classes at regular intervals for these sports.


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