Bored of my day to day work and college assignments, I along with my friends decided to go on a stress-busting trip to make our mind fresh and make it start working again. So we hopped on to a 2 days trip to Dandeli organized by Adventuresome. So I would like to share my experience with various aspects of the trip.

  1. STAY

Adventuresome had organized the stay in the beautiful Panther Stay Resort, which indeed had a very cheerful and cozy vibe. We had been provided with a buffet system for all three meals. The food was very well prepared and hygienic. As a frequent traveller to various places, I can definitely say that this place had the best food and also at a very low budget. Adventuresome along with the resort conducted activities such as campfires which were a lot of fun to attend.


Like the name says Adventuresome the activities organized by them during the trip were also adventuresome. There were a lot of jam-packed adventure activities such as zip lining, boating, archery, trekking and many more. It was such a wonderful experience zip lining through the midst of wind over the canyons and rivers. It was scary but enticing at the same time. My favourite part of the trip was kayaking, as streaming down the river along with my friends having a glance of the calm nature which surrounded us was so peaceful.

As most of us are aware Dandeli is famous for river rafting. So I had huge expectations as to how this turns out to be. I was thrilled at every aspect of river rafting. We went on for white water rafting for a stretch of 6.5 kilometres across the Kali River. It was an unforgettable experience and was challenging to go on along rapid river streams. This activity left me in the divine.


Along with the fun-packed adventures we also got some time to explore the place. We visited the Supa Dam and Syntheri Rocks which were both extravagant places. We also made it to the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary which is a renowned hub for bird watching. The sanctuary is also a host for rare black panthers. It was fun to look at the beautiful nature and explore the fauna while traveling through the jeep that resides within the sanctuary. The wide variety of birds and animals in the sanctuary were remarkable. The guides were friendly and gave us all the necessary background information about each species in the sanctuary. We got to know a lot about the birds and animals living in the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.

Adventuresome made all this possible and that too in a very cost efficient budget and helped me with making some beautiful memories which would last throughout my life. This trip made sure that my mind got fresh again and gave me the much-needed energy to do my day to day work.

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