Sri Lanka, previously Ceylon, island nation lying in the Indian Ocean and isolated from peninsular India by the Palk Strait. Vicinity to the Indian subcontinent has encouraged close social communication between Sri Lanka and India from antiquated occasions. At an intersection of sea courses crossing the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has additionally been presented to social impacts from other Asian civic establishments. It is also one the hottest tourist spots. One can totally have an amazing experience on their trip to Sri Lanka. Old Greek geographers called it Taprobane. Middle Easterners alluded to it as Serendib. Later European mapmakers called it Ceylon, a name despite everything utilized at times for exchange purposes. It formally became Sri Lanka in 1972.

alluring trip to Sri lanka

The particular human progress of Sri Lanka, with roots that can be followed back to the sixth century BCE, is described by two factors: the conservation of Theravada Buddhism (the standard school of Buddhism having its scholarly customs in the Pali language) and the improvement more than two centuries of a modern arrangement of water system in the drier pieces of the nation. This human progress was additionally improved by the impacts of Hinduism and Islam. Sri Lanka is thickly populated. Most of its kin are poor, live in country regions, and rely upon agribusiness for their job. A physical domain of wide-extending decent variety makes Sri Lanka one of the world’s most grand nations. As the home of a few ethnic gatherings, each with its own social legacy, Sri Lanka likewise has an exceptionally differed social scene.

Top 10 things to do on your trip to Sri Lanka

  1. Relax on the beach of Arugam Bay
  2. Experience the joyfull train journey at Ella
  3. Visit to Yala National Park
  4. Explore the cultural capital Kandy
  5. Witness the old temples of Colombo
  6. Experience the Tamil culture in Jafna
  7. Tea empire in Nuwara Eliya
  8. Trek to Sigiriya
  9. Scuba Diving at Hikkaduwa
  10. Visit Turtle Hatchery at Bentota

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Activities to do on your trip to Sri Lanka

1. Surfing: Sri Lanka is a learner surfers heaven. Surfing should not be missed if you are on a trip to Sri Lanka. Hikkaduwa on Sri Lanka’s southwest coast is the well known spot where we took a stab at surfing. The sandy dampen pads your fall and the waves are not the colossal scaring pipes found in Hawaii or Australia. Indeed, even master surfers can have a ball in Sri Lanka however. On the west coast, there is a mainstream sea shore that offers greater and better waves called Aragum Bay. This is the place you’ll discover a ton of surfers hanging out standing by to get a wave. The season is not quite the same as Hikkaduwa’s notwithstanding, so make a point to check when surfing on the west coast is well known.

2. Hike to the top of Diyaluma Falls: The 220-meter high Diyaluma cascade is the second most elevated cascade of Sri Lanka. On the cascade, it has various degrees of regular pools where you can swim. It’s a simple however not an undeniable way to arrive since this is anything but an enormous Sri Lanka fascination yet. This cascade is a flat out must-do in Sri Lanka!

3. Enjoying the swing at one of many Palm tress besides the beach: The Sri Lankan Beaches are been famous for the swing at Dalawella beach. The first of its kind can be sited at Dream Cabana and the second is at Dikwella, both been located on the south coast of Sri Lanka.

4. Wildlife Spotting: You can spot a wide variety of Wildlife on your trip to Sri Lanka. It is fortunate to have an extraordinary choice of untamed life and marine life. Panthers, elephants, sloth bears and on the coastline the blue whale and dolphins. Creatures are everywhere throughout the nation. The nation has more than 26 national parks with excellent the travel industry foundation. It is one, or perhaps the best nation in Asia to see such a large number of various species.

5. Trek to Sigiriya Lion Rock: This common marvel is a tremendous (200m) square formed stone that seems as though it’s put there. Lion Rock is one of the eight UNESCO World Heritage locates in Sri Lanka, and an absolute necessity visit. Lion Rock is prescribed to move from 7 AM to maintain a strategic distance from the warmth and group. It is one of the best treks one can have on their Sri Lanka tour. The move to the top will take around 45-minutes. Investigating the entire zone around and on the stone will take you around 2 – 3 hours.

surfing on your trip to Sri Lanka

Joyfull journey of Ella

Ella is a modest community in the Badulla District of Uva Province, Sri Lanka represented by a Urban Council. It is roughly 200 kilometers (120 mi) east of Colombo and is arranged at a height of 1,041 meters (3,415 ft) above ocean level. The region has a rich bio-decent variety, thick with various assortments of greenery. One should not miss visiting this city on their trip to Sri Lanka. Ella is encircled by slopes secured with cloud woodlands and tea estates. The town has a cooler atmosphere than encompassing swamps, because of its height. The Ella Gap permits sees over the southern fields of Sri Lanka. Concealed in the hazy Sri Lankan high nation, among unspoiled green slopes and spouting cascades, lies Ella: one of this tear-formed island’s most engaging goals.

From scaling the potent statures of Ella Rock, to looking at the magical Nine Arch Bridge for the absolute first time; remaining on the edge of the thundering Diyaluma Falls (the second tallest in the nation), and twisting through the tea manors and mountains gives the acclaimed Kandy to Ella train; a large number of our preferred Sri Lankan undertakings can be discovered right here. At its heart, Ella is a beguiling and laid back town ideal for unwinding, climbing and getting away from the burning temperatures of the southern coast.

It’s where Sri Lanka’s frontier legacy coincides with its rich Sinhalese and Tamil culture, and where copious characteristic encounters can be found nearby abundant social ones. Furthermore, it’s where figuring out how to cook the delightful Sri Lankan food is an outright should.

The beautiful train journey of Ella

Taking the train is the most agreeable approach to travel, as I would like to think. You can stroll around at whatever point you need, go to the can, have some food, meet different explorers and local people, read, tune in to music, unwind, and watch the scene pass by calmly outside.

Train travel in Sri Lanka is a lovely and moderate approach to see the nation. No outing is more picturesque than the train from Ella to Kandy or the opposite train from Kandy to Ella!

The landscape is phenomenal! You will see wonderful green slopes secured with tea manors, mountains, exquisite old extensions, cascades, little towns, and you are welcomed by loads of neighborhood kids running along the train tracks. At each train station in transit, the train lodges get loaded up with venders hustling treats like newly cut pineapple and mango with cinnamon, corn with salty spread, newly made rice and curry, stew squanders, and fresh papadums. This train journey is one the most best things to do on your trip to Sri Lanka.

How to but train tickets for the trip?

1. Book online train tickets at 12Go.

2. Buy train tickets at Railway station.

Things to do in Ella

  • Ride abroad to Kandy by Ella Train
  • Famous Nine Arch Bridge
  • Hike on the Ella Mountain
  • Experience the heavenly view from Little Adam’s Peak
  • Eye witness the beauty of Diyaluma Falls
  • Admire the Ravana Falls
Going through the valleys in a train in your trip to Sri Lanka

Trail of Happiness: Ceylon Tea

Tea creation is one of the principle wellsprings of remote trade for Sri Lanka. Moreover, tea planting by smallholders is the wellspring of work for thousands while it is additionally the primary type of jobs for a huge number of families. Sri Lanka is the world’s fourth-biggest maker of tea. Ceylon Tea is one of the popular name of tea you would hear from all the locals and a must try drink when you visit Sri Lanka. If you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka, then don’t miss out on this tea.

What is Ceylon Tea?

Ceylon tea alludes to tea created in the good countries of Sri Lanka — once in the past known as Ceylon. Like different kinds of tea, it’s produced using the dried and prepared leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. However, it might contain a higher centralization of a few cell reinforcements, including myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol. It’s additionally said to contrast marginally in flavor. The tea’s notes of citrus and full-bodied taste are because of the one of a kind natural conditions wherein it’s developed. It’s generally accessible in oolong, green, dark, and white Ceylon assortments — which contrast dependent on explicit preparing and creation strategies.

 Ceylon Tea Museum

The Sri Lanka Tea Bord opened a Tea Museum in Hantana, Kandy in 2001. Despite the fact that displays are not plentiful they do give an important knowledge into how tea was fabricated in the good ‘old days. Old hardware, some going back over a century, has been affectionately reestablished to working request. The primary show that welcomes guests is the Ruston and Hornsby created diesel motor, just as other fluid fuel motors, situated in the Engine Room on the ground floor of the historical center. Force for the tea bequests were likewise acquired by water-driven turbines. The gallery’s “Moving Room” offers a brief look into the improvement of assembling methods, with its assortment of rollers. Here the show-stopper is the physically worked ‘Minimal Giant Tea Roller’

 Benefits of Ceylon Tea

  • Aid to weight loss
  • Stabilize blood sugar
  • Healthy heart

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Ceylon tea gardens

Make your Trip to Sri Lanka memorable with Souvenirs

1.  Traditional Masks: Sri Lanka has a long convention in the art of veil making. The seaside town of Ambalangoda in the nation’s South is well known for its wooden cover industry. All things considered, you can discover handcrafted covers actually wherever else in the nation too. These hand-cut and hand-painted vivid covers are identified with Sri Lankan old ceremonies and fallen angel moves. There are various kinds of veils, every one filling an alternate need.

2. Utensils made from the organic material of Coconuts: Likely the most amazing yet modest things to purchase on your trip to Sri Lanka are kitchen utensils made of coconut shells. These are handcrafted and eco-accommodating. You can pick among spoons, cups, bowls and, maybe the most well known of all, scoops.

3. Gems and Jewellery: Sri Lanka is well known for its sapphires and moonstones. The mines in Ratnapura have a consistent flexibly of valuable diamonds and the gemologists on the island realize where to import the best pearls from too. In the little town of the Galle Fort, diamond stores sell pearls all alone and as gems also. In case you’re purchasing pearls and gems, it’s ideal to utilize your bargaining abilities! There are likewise a lot of contemporary gems creators like Two Dots Jewelry, which you can discover at Barefoot or by means of their online store.

4. Sarongs and sarees: Sri Lankan ladies wear the customary saree in numerous events. For example, we unearthed numerous women glancing brilliant in their vivid silk sarees during night occasions at lavish inns. In any case, there were likewise ladies in Sri Lanka who wore their sarees to go out on the town to shop for staple goods or supplicate at the sanctuary and we enjoyed that a ton. You can without much of a stretch discover a saree to purchase for under 10$/€ at each town in Sri Lanka. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to give one a shot before purchasing, head to an extravagant showroom. Sarees might be increasingly costly there however they are made of top quality silk. We went through an overly fun daytime taking a stab at sarees at Lanka Silks in Sigiriya and we wound up purchasing two or three them for some valuable youngsters back home. The conventional garment for men is the sarong.

5. Moonstone carvings: Every single Buddhist sanctuary in Sri Lanka is graced by a half moon venturing stone at the passageway. These cut stones are called moonstones and have been utilized as strict symbolism for quite a long time. These old carvings are presently utilized in parks and current sanctuaries because of their metaphorical and notable quality. Little moonstone carvings are made as keepsakes for travelers and little home holy places. They can be discovered cut in limestone or wood, in little to bigger sizes. They make incredible friendly exchanges because of their history.

6. Batik Items: Starting in Indonesia, the specialty of batik was acquainted with Sri Lanka towards the finish of the nineteenth century. Batik is a strategy for biting the dust textures utilizing wax and ink. This procedure is material on garments just as inside decorations. It’s fascinating to watch a short exhibit of how batik is made before purchasing. In this way, attempt to incorporate a batik workshop like Henry Batiks in Dambulla to your agenda.

Few phrases you will often hear while you travel in Sri Lanka

  • Ayubowan: It means “ Hello “
  • Bohoma Istuti: It means “ Thank you very much”
  • Oyate Ingrisi katha karanna puluwanda: this means “Do you speak English?”
  • Meeka kiyadha: this means “How much does it cost?”
  • Kaama: it means Food
  • Mata Yanana kaematai: it means “ I would like to go to _ “
  • Samaipa/daura: it means “Is it close/far?”
  • Maa naivaadauaeya/ samcaaraka: This means “I’m on vacation.”
  • Jalaya: it means “water”
  • Mama ataramam vaelaa, udava! : This means “ I’m lost, help”

Known facts of Ravana

As indicated by Hindu folklore Ravana was destined to an extraordinary sage Vishrava and his significant other, princess Kaikesi. He was conceived in the Devagana, as his granddad, the sage Pulastya, was one of the ten Prajapatis or psyche conceived children of Brahma and one of the Saptarishi or the Seven Great Sages during the period of Manu.

Ravana had ten heads, and individuals regularly state this gave him the extraordinary endowment of information. It is expected that having 10 heads implied he was an entirely learned man and by that rationale, an incredible lord who had extraordinary information about organization.

Do people in Sri Lanka worship Ravana as their God?

Sri Lankans don’t worship Ravana as a divine being nevertheless they view him as an extraordinary lord for all that he is popular to do. For them, he was the lord who opposed intruders. For them, he is the terrible legend who was deceived by his own siblings when he attempted to retaliate for his sister’s respect. For them, he was the ruler who was honored with information that his ten heads contained. For them, he was the ruler whose dedication to Lord Shiva won him amazing weapons.

They don’t have celebrations for him and neither do they construct sanctuaries in his name. However, they do take a gander at him as an incredible lord who met a disastrous end.

To what extent is it safe for female travelers in Sri Lanka?

Considering the ongoing tragic occasions in Sri Lanka, individuals regularly wonder “Is Sri Lanka alright for female explorers?” The appropriate response is YES! Sri Lanka is completely protected and will make for an incredible goal for a performance trip! Indeed, it is smarter to be cautious and arranged in an outside nation however there is no explanation behind you to not have a fabulous time while investigating this astonishing area. However, you can consider the following tips for your trip to Sri Lanka if you are traveling solo or with your female group.

* Don’t hesitate to ask for help

* Avoid using private transport and use local buses instead

* Avoid exploring secluded areas

* Keep your families and acquaintances informed about your whereabouts

5. Trek to the top of Pidurangala Rock

Looking for accommodation on your Sri Lanka tour? Here’s what you need to know

You’ll barely get self-adjusted settlement for momentary lease like condos in Lanka, the ease of food makes this not as famous as in increasingly rich nations. Anyway ‘room just’ appointments of lodgings/guesthouses in places with bunches of outside eateries are the intelligent other option. You can find a wide variety of places to stay on your trip to Sri Lanka. So the principle sorts of settlement for travelers are:

1. Guesthouses, For the most part these are on the lower end of the cost and quality scale, and littler than standard inns. Anyway a top of the line guesthouse may at present offer more, and cost more, than a low-end (1-2 star) lodging! Rooms are en-suite or for the least expensive alternatives with shared restrooms, this is what might be compared to an (adolescent) inn.

2. Hotels, anything from 1-star to hors-class in quality and value; boutique inns and manors for the most part position themselves on the higher finish of the scale. Note that the Lankan inn star characterization framework is ‘lighter’ than the Western one, mostly because of issues brought about by the atmosphere and the preparation level of the staff; by and large a Lankan 4-star could be 2 or 3 stars in the West, and there is a comparative distinction for the other star levels.

stays in sri lanka

Frequently asked Questions

1.  Is Visa required to visit Sri Lanka?

Indeed, you will require a visa to enter Sri Lanka. Also, on the off chance that you expect visiting Sri Lanka on a short visit,you should acquire an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before appearance.

 2.  What currency is used in Sri Lanka?

The Sri Lankan cash is the Rupee (Rs), isolated in to 100 pennies. Notes come in sections of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000. Breakdown bigger notes when you change cash – it can now and then be an issue to breakdown a bigger note (500, 1000 or 2000).

Lodgings and other visitor foundations will provide you the cost estimate in US$ or Euro and gather in Rupees at the predominant conversion scale.

 3.  Are credit cards accepted?

 Visas are generally utilized and acknowledged by neighborhood foundations (even in modest communities). The most generally utilized card types are Visa and MasterCard, with Amex less significantly. It would be a helpful alternative to utilize your Credit Card (substantial for global use) at whatever point conceivable.

4.  When is the best time to travel?

 The great months are generally December – March for the west coast and south coast, and from April – September for the old urban areas and the east coast. The upper east rainstorm is generally November – March and the southwest storm is June – October.

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