Bangalore is at close proximity to many mountains, rivers, beaches and waterfalls. While travel lovers can take off to any of these beautiful locations for peaceful getaways, adventure seekers also have many options to fulfil their thirst for thrilling experiences. 

Here is a list of some adventure activities near Bangalore that you can indulge in.

Top Adventure Activities Near Bangalore

1. Surfing in Mangalore

Surfing is one of the most thrilling adventure activities near Bangalore one can have. Mangalore mostly known for its fathomless beaches and delicious cuisines is also the first ever home to a surf club in the country. Mangalore’s Sasihithlu beach held the Indian Open of Surfing, a national annual event hosted by Mantra Surf Club, in which hundreds of Indians and foreigners compete. Mantra Surf Club was founded by Jack Hebner who pioneered the sport in India. Mantra Surf club conducts courses on surfing, provides required equipment and lodging facilities with meals at their Ashram Surf Retreat, Mulki. 

There are numerous other surf clubs teaching and practicing surfing in Mangalore, whose founders were all inspired by Jack Hebner.

Bangalore to Mangalore: by flight in 1 hour, by train  in 10 hours and by bus in 7 hours.

surfing in Mangalore is one of the adventure activities

2. Sky Diving in Kurnool

For everyone who wanted to fly and experience free fall, skydiving is a dream come true and one of the best adventure activities. There are various types of skydiving available in India. Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh is known to host one of the best Tandem skydiving in the country. Jumping into nothingness and having freefall at high speeds with an experienced tandem skydiving instructor is not only safe but gives you the adrenaline rush that you can never forget. 

Bangalore to kurnool: by train in 7 hours and by bus in 5 hours

Checkout Skydiving in India: Everything you need to know

jumping from sky

3. Caravan trip in Bangalore to a chosen location

Everyone loves a long drive but the loss of comfort and the driving shifts can be a bummer. Caravan trips can be a fairytale experience with the comfort of home and luxury. 

The Caravan

4. Bouldering, Cliff diving and cycling in Hampi

Bouldering is a form of rock climbing without any harness. On the other hand Bouldering is one of the toughest adventure activites. If you’re a beginner or a pro at bouldering there is a rock for everyone in Hampi. November to January is the best time for Bouldering in Hampi. Hanumanahalli near the Sri Laxmi Golden Beach Resort is the main bouldering area. Hot Slapper, Banana Baba, Egg Boulders are some of the funny named boulders. Tom and Jerry Climbing Shop is a local store that provides beginner classes and all the equipment needed for rock climbing. 

Sanapur Lake in Hampi is ideal for diving from the nearby cliff called the jumping point. Even though there are many painted signs that the lake is unsafe to swim because of crocodiles, the locals say that they have never seen a crocodile since years while living there.

Cycling around in Hampi is one of among the must do’s in the city. There are many bicycle rental shops where it costs you Rs 50 per bicycle for a day. Exploring the silent city with a charm one of its kind while riding through on a bicycle will make you feel transported to the old times.

Bangalore to Hampi: by train in 10 hours, by bus in 8 hours

adventure activities near bangalore

5. Cave exploration in Gandikota

Ganikota, a small village in the kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh, is home to the Indian Grand canyon which is believed to be more than a thousand years old. Another popular attraction in the village is the Gandikota fort which dates back to the 12th Century. Belum caves, the second largest caves in India, is a few kilometers away from the Gandikota village. It is truly a unique collection of caves having narrow passages and steep chambers, many Buddhist relics found in the ‘Meditation Hall’ inside the caves. The caves were formed millions of years ago and give a wonderful experience to all the adventure activity lovers. The walls of the cave are very smooth as they were formed because of erosion by the Chitravati River.

Bangalore to Gandikota: by train 6 hours, by bus 8 hours

Belum Caves near Gandikota fort

6. Scuba diving in Netrani island

Netrani Island, locally known as Netragudo, is a small uninhabited Island in murudeshwara. It appears heart shaped from above and is also called the Pigeon Island. It has a variety of coral reefs and sea life. It provides an excellent diving spot suitable for diving enthusiasts of all experience levels and to people who love adventure activities. Netrani is home to a diversity of fish life, common to Goa and the Arabian Sea, Turtles, Napoleon Wrasses, cobias, sharks, stingrays and stonefishes. There are centers offering both Discover Scuba Dive and professional certification courses for aspiring scuba divers and instructors in Netrani. 

Bangalore to Murudeshwar: by train 16 hours, by bus 12 hours 

scuba diving in netrani island

These were few of the many adventure activities near Bangalore which can be done in 1-2 days trip.

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