For hundreds of thousands of years we have lived wired, prepared for fight or flight. Adrenaline flowed through our bodies. Then, within a few centuries, we lost it, all our instincts of survival in nature were replaced by fluffy towels and pillows. Yet somehow we know that we are missing something. We struggle to get it back. That’s why we do bungee jumping from bridges and climb mountains; that’s why we base by jumping from tall buildings. We want to rush back. And that’s why we were recently fascinated by the idea of underwater hotels. You cannot pamper yourself much more than a luxury hotel. If we could take one underwater ride, it would put us back in touch with nature, it would give adventure to our lives.

best underwater hotels in the world

Top 10 Underwater Hotels in the World

  1. Shimao Wonderland – China
  2. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida
  3. ReefWorld, Australia
  4. Hilton’s Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort, Maldives
  5. Huvafen Fushi – Maldives
  6. The Apeiron Island Hotel – Dubai
  7. Manta Resort, Tanzania
  8. The Water Discus, Dubai
  9. Poseidon underwater resort, Fiji
  10. The Hydropolis Underwater Resort Hotel, Dubai

Let’s dive into the hotels and get to know about little more.

1. Shimao Wonderland – China

A 19-story five-star hotel is under construction and will be built underwater. After it is built in be one of the finest underwater hotels in the world.  The underwater hotel is not housed in a tropical location, but in an abandoned quarry. Visitors will enjoy different types of sporting activities, spa, swimming pool and restaurant.

The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is located in Songjiang, the root of Shanghai, near the Shanghai Hongqiao area, 40 minutes from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Railway Station and the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center. It is the landmark of China, 88 meters closer to the heart of the earth. The hotel is synonymous with architectural and design innovations with advances in engineering, an impressive destination that brings together wealthy travelers to experience the glamor of InterContinental life on business, leisure and adventure travel. Here, guests from all over the world will have the unique opportunity to experience a true man-made miracle.

Shimao Wonderland in china is one the finest underwater hotels

2. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida

Located nine meters below the ocean in Key Largo, Florida, this property is the only submarine hotel in the United States and earns its name in the world’s best underwater hotels. Guests must immerse themselves in their rooms. Newlyweds will particularly appreciate the Ultimate Romantic Getaway package, which includes special music and flowers. (Courtesy of Jules’ Submarine Lodge)

Jules’ underwater lodge, named after the author of the famous maritime tale 20,000 leagues under the sea, is the first submarine hotel in the world and the only one in the United States. Originally built in the early 1970s as an innovative research laboratory off the coast of Puerto Rico, the Lodge has been in business in Key Largo, Florida since he moved there and opened his hatch to the public in 1986. 

The entrance to the hotel is 21 feet underwater and guests must dive into their rooms, so if guests are not certified, they will take an intensive 3-hour immersion course before going to their room. The hotel has attracted celebrities from the past like Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

After saying goodbye to the many reef fish you will encounter along the way, you will be greeted by what appears to be a secret underwater club house! Creature amenities include hot showers, a well-equipped kitchen, cozy beds and even an Amazon FireStick.

With a 42-inch round window in each room, the underwater scenery (not to mention many curious fish) promises to completely fascinate you. Although they can separate, they can celebrate a special occasion by calling the services of a “mer-chef”, who will dive in and prepare a sumptuous party for you.

In the Key Largo district of the United States. In the United States, there is a legendary Jules’ Undersea Lodge underwater hotel. Its history dates back to the 70s of the last century. Originally, the underwater building, in what is now the only hotel room, served as a laboratory and belonged to researcher Ian Koblick. Later, the underwater construction lost its original function and became the hotel.

The hotel offers a single suite with double bedroom, a modern bathroom and a small living room. The Jules’ Undersea Lodge hotel is completely underwater, so you can only enter with diving equipment. The unusual hotel suite can be rented to anyone interested, including those who have never dived before. For guests, they organize a special preparatory lesson on diving, after which, accompanied by an instructor, they can dive and finally arrive at the hotel.

Despite the particularity of the hotel, it offers many typical additional services to its guests. So you can order flowers or specialties in the room. Sports divers care about delivery. Jules’ Undersea Lodge is not just a simple ecological hotel. Not only is it ecological, it also offers a valuable contribution to the conservation of marine fauna. The underwater construction acts as an artificial reef and therefore offers comfortable living conditions for marine inhabitants.

Jules' Undersea Lodge, Florida

3. ReefWorld, Australia

This exclusive floating and underwater hotel is located close to Australia’s majestic Great Barrier Reef and features an underwater spa, eight underwater suites and glass-walled bathrooms, offering guests the unique opportunity to spend a night in the Great Barrier Reef. From the underwater observatory and observe schools of fish from tropical reefs and incredible coral formations, or you can try diving or diving in safe diving areas.

Relax on the large deck with unlimited views of the surrounding coral reef systems or use the custom observation area to see the imposing Queensland Groper living under the platform.

Spend a magical night in Australia’s first underwater housing and sit in the front row in the dazzling underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef. Get ready for an intimate experience that will accompany you forever.

Moored off Hardy Reef, 40 nautical miles from Airlie Beach, Reefworld is the setting for your spectacular Reefsuite night experience. Relaunched in 2019, the refurbished pontoon hosts day trips, Reefsleep guests on the bridge and a lucky few who will head under the bridge for a private all-inclusive Reefsuite experience.

Start your journey with a cruise around the Whitsunday Islands to Hardy Reef aboard our high-speed boat, arriving at the coral reef around 11:00. After lunch, guests can snorkel, dive, swim or take a scenic helicopter flight to see the famous Reef Heart (additional cost). Day visitors leave mid-afternoon and then night guests have Hardy Reef and Reefworld for themselves.

Watch a beautiful sunset with a drink in hand before enjoying a dinner at the starry table on the upper deck of the pontoon. After dinner, Reefsuite guests can retreat to the privacy of their underwater accommodation. Sit back, relax and watch the coral reef come to life through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Coral reefs give a completely new meaning to “a room with a view” and you will wake up to see marine life as another day on the world heritage coral reef. Enjoy a pleasant breakfast and an exclusive morning on the cliff before returning home in the afternoon with memories that will accompany you forever.

ReefWorld, Australia is one the best underwater hotels

4. Hilton’s Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort, Maldives

This five-star hotel in the Maldives is home to whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins and turtles; Conrad Maldives is located on two islands and is one the coolest underwater hotels in the world. The resort was included in Conde Nast Traveler’s 2013 Gold List of the 100 best hotels in the world and in the 10 best hotels on The Wold beach.

Choose from 11 restaurants and bars, including the Ithaa underwater restaurant, the wine bar with 101 of the best cheeses in the world and an underground cellar with 20,000 bottles of fine wines. Relax in one of the two spas or on the beautiful white sand beaches. Immerse yourself and explore the many excursions available, including a mini underwater tour to enjoy the vibrant coral reef.

The Rangali island of Conrad Maldives has officially announced the opening of the world’s first underwater hotel residence, an innovative two-story villa immersed more than 16 feet below sea level. Now urging guests to dive beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean, Deep Housing is an ambitious show of architecture, design and technology.

The villa is called “The Muraka”, which translates as “coral” in the native language of the Maldives, Dhivehi, due to the way it rests along the ocean floor, peacefully observing the surrounding marine life. The submerged retreat encompasses luxury, featuring a private bar, butler service, fitness center and infinity pool. The huge bed, shower and tub have panoramic ocean views. The upper deck, which rests on the water, includes a large relaxation platform for tanning and relaxing.

The elaborate suite is not cheap. It costs a whooping $ 50,000 a night, also it’s only available for a four-night, $ 200,000 package, which includes a personal chef, private boat, and automatic update to Hilton Diamond status. In addition to The Muraka, The Conrad is home to Ithaa, a five-star restaurant submerged by the sea.

The construction of The Muraka was innovative and environmentally friendly. Each piece of the hotel modular was built in Singapore and then carefully shipped to the Maldives, before being submerged underwater and nailed in place using thick concrete towers. The sturdy pylons ensure that the villa does not move or float between high tides or waves.

For travelers who are not brave enough to spend four nights in the depths of the Indian Ocean, The Conrad also offers a number of luxury villas on the water.

Hilton's Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort

5. Huvafen Fushi – Maldives

Huvafen Fushi is found in the Maldives island and is considered one of the best underwater hotels in the world. There are crystal clear waters under the glass floor of your ocean bungalow, and the complex also has an underwater spa, restaurant and disco that are open until the early hours of the morning. The complex also has a private submarine that will take you between the underwater destinations.

An elegant and elegant island paradise, Huvafen Fushi offers maximum privacy and the highest standards of luxury living. Huvafen Fushi exists in a dream landscape 30 minutes from Malé International Airport. An impressive sanctuary with a nuanced design and natural beauty with avant-garde facilities including the world’s first and only underwater spa, the resort offers a dreamlike landscape of hidden pleasures, where every second transcends. The culinary scene is designed with enticing aromas and seductive flavors for an intimate dining experience. The Indian Ocean stretches to the infinite horizon, tempting guests to explore rare coral reefs with unlimited snorkeling, water sports and diving opportunities. Endless seascapes in Huvafen Fushi.

Huvafen Fushi - Maldives

6. The Apeiron Island Hotel – Dubai

The new, high-tech and futuristic Apeiron Island Hotel is a 7-star hotel in Dubai that is still awaiting completion. There will be 350 deluxe rooms and 28 floors with the top two floors containing a jungle with butterflies and other insects. The entrance of the hotel will have a parking for boats and there will be an underwater restaurant that will have tropical fishing while swimming.

Another architectural marvel is the Apeiron Island Hotel in Dubai. Everyone knows that Dubai has one of the most original and unique architecture in the world. This artificial archipelago of Palm Island is, of course, the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa. It looks like a circle of selected buildings in Dubai, which attract crowds of tourists who will soon join the Apeiron Hotel in Dubai. It is a miracle, it is difficult to describe it in words, it should be easy to see. This will be the second (self-declared) 7-star hotel in Dubai, which is still in the planning stage.

The Apeiron Hotel will be built on an island about 400 meters from the Dubai coast and can only be reached by boat and helicopter. The two wing-shaped towers of Apeiron can accommodate 350 luxurious suites and the first two upper floors will contain a grove of butterflies and other insects. Apeiron will be a luxury complex, equipped with lagoons and private beaches, shops, cinemas, art galleries and an underwater restaurant, spa and gym. Status: concept. Estimated cost of the project: $ 400,000,000. The construction gives a feeling of the future but has moved into the present. While the hotel is in a project, it will appear only in the future, but it has only appeared in this century. 

The hotel was designed by the British architects of the Sybarite company. The construction would not save and create an artificial island with an area of   200,000 square meters, where a 57-meter building will be erected. Although people can afford luxury accommodation, there should be no transportation problems. The hotel will have 350 deluxe rooms and will receive seven stars.

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The Apeiron Island Hotel - Dubai

7. Manta Resort, Tanzania

Sleep with the fish in this beautiful underwater hotel off the coast of Tanzania. Guests can enjoy the sun on the water during the day at the Manta Resort, before heading four meters underwater in the underwater suite. Underwater spotlights reveal the wonders and marine life under the ocean.

Located on the island of Pemba in Zanzibar, The Manta Resort has a remarkable jewel in its luxurious crown, an underwater room. It is part of an ingenious floating structure. There are three levels: the landing platform is where the boat leaves you and the location of the saloon and bathroom. The upper floor has sun beds and curtains for relaxing during the day and looking at the stars at night; They say you can see the Milky Way and the planets because of the lack of light pollution. 

Below the sea level is the diver’s room, a bubble in the bedroom where fish slide past the window. There are even fish that have made their homes around the structure; here you will not be visited by other guests, but by three bat fish and a trumpet fish named Nick (although I heard that Nick the trumpet fish is an alcoholic, but it’s okay if you catch him before 16:00). The room is located in a “blue hole” in the middle of a living coral reef, making it the perfect place for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts and also for people who really love The Little Mermaid. Undoubtedly this is one of the incredible underwater hotels one ca be on.

Manta Resort, Tanzania is one of the coolest underwater hotels

8. The Water Discus, Dubai

The Water Discus Hotel in Dubai aims to offer luxury accommodation to all those who want to settle at the bottom of the sea.

The construction of this new underwater complex is still underway and an opening date has not yet been set. The plans are to have a 1,000 square meter complex that can house a hotel, restaurant, spa and bar. Being an underwater hotel, there will also be opportunities for diving and snorkeling.

Another innovation has arrived in Dubai. This time, Deep Ocean Technology has designed the Water Discus Hotel to be built in Dubai shortly. This combination will allow guests to admire the depths of the ocean making the most of the warm climate. The two parts of the structure are connected by three solid legs and a vertical axis containing an elevator and a staircase. The size of each disk has been adapted to local conditions. There are twenty-one hotel rooms are immersed in the center of a vibrant coral reef with enchanting views of marine life, illuminated with special lighting systems and offer the use of miniature underwater vehicles equipped with macro photography, managed from their suite, to give a closer look at smaller creatures. Thanks to the innovative design that includes individual modules that can be separated and replaced by new ones, Water Discus can also be expanded into a larger resort, and can be built and rebuilt anywhere in the world , creating opportunities to live permanently underwater in an unlimited number of places “. Fantastic hotel!

The Water Discus, Dubai

9. Poseidon underwater resort, Fiji

This five-star property is located under the sea facing a private island in Fiji. The complex offers rooms and suites, a bar, a gym, a restaurant and a chapel for underwater weddings. This one of the best underwater hotels for adventure junkies. There are abundant activities for adventurers who want to explore the unimaginable, such as maneuvering a personal Triton submarine across a lagoon, exploring the depths of the ocean as the passenger of a 1,000-foot luxury submarine and diving into crystal clear waters. Those seeking solitude will find time to relax while enjoying spa treatments focused on the sea and meditation under the gaze of the moon and stars only. Whether you travel alone, as a couple or in a group, you will find what you are looking for.

The Poseidon Undersea Resort is not exactly the city that Verne conceived in his novels, but the French author would have been proud of his achievements. Located in Fiji, one of the most beautiful and romantic settings on our planet, this luxurious five-star complex has an incredible selection of suites built under the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The hotel spans approximately 38,000 square feet, one and a half kilometers long. It is surrounded by a vast lagoon with crystal clear waters, almost 90 feet deep, inhabited by a rich and colorful marine life.

The main services are located on the grounds of a private island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by around 5,000 cliffs. The resort offers three types of accommodation: on a private beach, on the water or below the surface of the ocean. These are spectacular suites, luxurious apartments and magnificent bungalows (known locally as Bures).

The underwater suites are accessible via an elevator located at the end of a pier. Once inside, guests will find no difference between the pressure in the interior suites and the atmospheric pressure on the surface. The otherworldly rooms also have air conditioning and controlled humidity, for a comfortable stay.

About 70 percent of the outer surface of the 24 underwater suites was built from floor-to-ceiling clear acrylic glass to allow guests to enjoy the most incredible panoramic views of the ocean floor. Outside, each suite has its own coral garden, with unique varieties of marine life, which can be illuminated simply by pressing a switch.

The Poseidon Undersea Resort offers all the comforts and conveniences of a five-star hotel for the most demanding travelers, especially those who want exceptional and unusual experiences.

Poseidon underwater resort, Fiji

10. The Hydropolis Underwater Resort Hotel, Dubai

This project is still ongoing and there are plans for the hotel 20 meters below the surface of the Persian Gulf opposite Dubai. The hotel will have three parts: the ground pole, where visitors will be welcomed, the connecting underground, which will transport people to the central place of the hotel, and the 220 suites located in the underwater recreational complex. These 220 suites will be bubble-shaped, with transparent glass covering both the walls of the sleeping area and the bathtubs. It is one of the largest modern construction projects in the world, has 260 hectares and with 1,000 square meters will have the hotel, restaurant and underwater spa.

The Hydropolis Underwater Resort Hotel, Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions About the Underwater Hotels

1. How deep is Jules Undersea Lodge?
The Jules Undersea Lodge is 30 feet deep on the ocean floor and guests have to scuba dive to get to their rooms.

2. Which is the most expensive underwater hotel in the world?
Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji is the most expensive underwater hotel in the world.

3. Which is the first underwater hotel in the world?
Zen Resort at Kuredhivaru Maldives is the first underwater hotel in the world.

4. Are there any underwater hotels in the United States?
The Jules’ Undersea Lodge, an American hotel located in Florida and is the only underwater hotel in the United States.

5. Are underwater bungalows safe?
underwater hotels are absolutely safe and provide excellent accommodation with all necessary amenities. All underwater hotels comes with additional emergency resources making it even safer.

6. Are underwater hotel stay worth it?
Yes! An underwater hotel is an ultimate vacation if you are looking for relaxation and privacy with the most unique experience and amazing view. Topped with world-class luxuries and all necessary amenities required for a comfortable stay, an underwater hotel stay is totally worth it.

7. How many underwater hotels are there in the world?
Under the sea: 11 underwater hotels around the world. Ocean lovers who just can’t get enough of the water can take swimming, snorkeling and diving one step further with a meal, a spa treatment or an overnight stay underwater.

8. How deep is the underwater room at Manta Resort?
The floating hotel room is actually situated in the center of a blue hole, an area of the coral reef approximately 50 m (164 ft) wide where the sea drops to 12 m (39 ft) deep during high tide.

9. What are underwater hotels made of?
To handle the underwater pressures, the hotel’s main structure is a dome composed of plexiglass, reinforced with concrete and steel.

10. Where is the Manta Resort underwater room?
The Manta Resort – Underwater Room. Located on Pemba Island in Zanzibar, The Manta Resort has a remarkable jewel in its crown of luxury, an underwater sea room. It’s part of an ingenious floating structure.

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