Well that’s correct but only according to Bhutanese mythology. They call it druk the “thunder dragon” which can be seen on their national flag. Hence this dragon is the god of thunder in Bhutan. It is no ordinary place. It is the last great Himalayan kingdom with mighty landscapes of the Himalayas towering over the lush green stretch of lands through forests to unfold into a haven of snow. Bhutan will leave you mesmerized for years to come. With countless monasteries, primeval forests, indigenous flora and fauna, high-altitude trekking trails, surreal architecture, peace-loving people, composed environment, rice wine, and a sense of happiness that perpetually fills the air, Bhutan is not just  another tourist destination, it is the paradise you have been seeking all through your life. If visiting Bhutan has been on your bucket list for long time now , the time has come to forget everything and set out on a life-changing journey into the mystical destination – Bhutan, where compassion meets contentment. Get yourself best packages about Bhutan with adventuresome.


The country is mainly dominated by the monsoon season and the best time to trek here is the months of March to May as well as the months of September and October.

Here are a list of places that you can go while in bhutan

Druk Path Trek

Druk Path Trek

If you are new to Bhutan trekking then you should start with Druk Path Trek as it will serve you as a good introduction to the overall experience. The trek takes six days to be completed and touches the high point of 13776 ft. While trekking, you will go through forests that are dense with dwarf rhododendrons and pines. The starting point of this trek is Paro and it you will reach to Thimpu, over the mountains as the trek comes to an end. On your way back, you can enjoy the beauty of the Mount Gangkar Puensum (7570m), the tallest peak of Bhutan.

Bumthang Owl Trek

This is a short trek that takes only three days to be completed. If you are running low on time and are keen to get a feel of the local culture of Bhutan along with mountain views then this trek will prove ideal for you. The forests that you will cross during this trek mainly consist of bamboos. However, you will also find blooming rhododendrons if you trek here around the months of April and May. The forests further offer you ch

Jomolhari Trek

This trek takes 8 days and is somewhat challenging. The main attraction of this Jomolhari Trek is the view of the Mount Jhomolhari that is 7,326m tall. Jhomolhari, the mountain, stands as the border between Bhutan and Tibet and is also known by the name of the ‘Bridge of Kanchenjunga.’

Duer Hot Springs Trek


Duer Hot Springs Trek

This is quite a challenging trek that takes almost nine days to be completed. There are some similar paths that this trek and the Snowman Trek have in common. The main attraction of this trek is a one day rest at the Duer Hot springs that happens to be one of the most beautiful places of the Himalayas. The highest point of this journey is Juli La that has a height of 4700m. You can come across Black Bear and Musk Dear in the trekking way.

Snowman Trek

This route, though one of popular treks is a very difficult route to cover. It almost takes 25 days to be completed. The trek generally starts from Paro and ends in Lunana that is situated in the northern region of Bhutan. One of the negative sides of this trek is that this path is quite isolated and does not have many villages in its way. The chances of being evacuated by helicopters are also not very high in this region. Given the difficulty level of this trek, you should plan this during the month of October.
chances of bird watching and if lucky, you can witness bears also.

Although it looks one of the smallest on the map but it has got some of the toughest and tallest moutains in the world. Bhutan has got some of the craziest trails that you always dreamt of and it is a mst visit country. Bhutan is so crazy about happiness that they actually enforce laws to keep people happy and not to forget they welcome travellers as Gods and goddesses, aah I can still not forget my first time. If you ever had a dream to travel then you have got to come to Bhutan. And yes not to forget i didn’t mean to hurt Thor fans, it is what it is stay connected to adventuresome.in for awesome conten like this. For exciting deals visit adventuresome.in

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