Gokarna Beach Trekking


Water, sand, waves…. what more can you ask for?? All this on a secluded place with no stalls,no shacks,no commercial aspects…absolutely nothing. Yes, there is a place like this where you get to feel the ocean speak to you without any other noise. If you love trekking, especially along the mesmerizing beaches then come and join us to explore this lone Arabian beauty and Gokarna town. Experience the following and let the beach take you over:-

Trekking at all the 6 Beaches

Breathtaking sunset after the Trek

Camping with soulful people sleeping under the naked sky with billions of stars staring at you

Embrace this rejuvenating experience in the Fresh water falls the day after

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Gokarna Beach Trek is one of the unique  treks offered by Adventuresome. This trek makes you cover all the 6 beaches in a single trek.

  1. Belekan Beach: Once we reach Belekan beach, our adventure starts off with a cliff diving session, followed by some food. After some rest the  beach trek starts.
  2. Paradise Beach: The Paradise beach is surrounded by huge rocks with white sand, coconut trees in between and clear blue water ahead. It is the best beach to camp at night with a bonfire and cool breeze flowing through.
  3. Half-Moon Beach: The beach is formed in the shape of a half moon. It is covered by a thick jungle and water as far as you can see. Best place to relax and spend time in peace as it has very few visitors.
  4. Om Beach: It is the most known beach in Gokarna and is shaped like the symbol “Om”. Its Om shape attracts a lot of tourists to this beach. You can also enjoy a beautiful sunset at Om-Beach.
  5. Kudle Beach: It is one the best beaches in Gokarna where you can have a peaceful walk in the sand and enjoy your time. Best time to visit the Kudle beach in a day is during sunset to watch the red sun go below the horizon.
  6. Gokarna Beach: This beach is filled with pilgrim spots and you can do a lot of shopping near this beach. This is the end point of beach Trek.

Cliff diving before gokarna beach trek    Having a good sea view at Paradise beach during Gokarna beach trek   Half moon beach    om beach    kudle    Gokarna beach

Being very close to Goa, Gokarna Beach is the second home to beach lover. Many travellers flock here to experience the religious and cultural tour as well as the beach life that the 6 blue coloured beaches offer. Gokarna literally means cow’s ear and according to Hindu mythology there is a story
associated with it. Lord Brahma sent Lord Shiva to pay off a penance to earth. So Lord Shiva, emerged out of Cow’s ear and name of the the Cow was Prithvi (synonym of Earth) and Hence the name Gokarna was kept. Gokarna is first a Holy place and then something else. Recently this place has also been know as a party place. You can camp around the beach, have a bon fire and enjoy the night under the stars. The peace that you would feel is something that you need to experience for yourself. Come with us to this exhilarating Gokarna Beach trek that we offer.

You can Checkout Gokarna Beach Trek blog for detailed Trek experience.


Day 0

  1. 10:30 pm – We will start the pickup at around 10:30 pm, Departure from Bangalore.

Day 1

  1. The very first thing you will be seeing after waking up through the windows of your bus are the beautiful western ghats, We will stop at a restaurants to freshen up and to have our breakfast
  2. After breakfast we will head towards Belkan beach, we will reach there by noon and have our Lunch.
  3. Then after having our lunch we will start our trek
  4. Belkan to Paradise beach: To reach paradise beach we have to cross one small forest with hilly terrain, Paradise beach is absolutely raw, untouched and beautiful away from the rush. The calmness and the sound of the waves describe Paradise beach the best.
  5. OM Beach: The very next beach is OM. It is very interesting to see how the beach is shaped like the hindi letter “OM”. If lucky you can spot Dolphins here.
  6. Kudle Beach: The route to Kudle Beach from OM Beach is picturesque. Form uneven rocky terrain and the Sea view from the top can be thrilling, the setting sun at Kudle Beach adds more beauty to the landscape. A ton of people sitting calmly and looking at the sunset can be a beautiful experience. This beach is commercialized and you can try a lot of different kind of Indian Style seafood over there.
  7. Gokarna Beach: After the sunset we will be heading towards our destination i.e. Gokarna. It is believed that Aatmalinga of Lord Shiva is in the shape of a cow
  8. At Belkan beach we will have our Dinner and Post dinner will go for a small night trek till paradise beach, there we will pitch our tents and do camping activities and play fun games.

Day 2

  1. Wake up and play for sometime in the beach to energise yourself.
  2. Pack Up and leave for Belkan beach for breakfast.
  3. After having our breakfast we will go to Mrijan fort and explore the fort. The 16th century fort known for its architectural elegance was the location of several battles in the past or will go to Vibhuthi falls or if the weather is right we can hit the Yana Caves!
  4. Return journey to Bangalore.



  1. Silk board,Bangalore
  2. Marathalli,Bangalore
  3. Tin factory,Bangalore
  4. Hebbal,Bangalore
  5. Jalahalli cross,Bangalore


  1. Outdoor leader charges
  2. Local transport in Gokarna
  3. Accommodation: Tents and Sleeping bags
  4. Camping activities and bonfire (If condition permits)
  5. First Aid
  6. 2 Breakfast | 1 Lunch | 1 Dinner (Locally available Veg Meals)


  1. Travel Cost (Actual travel cost will be shared equally by the total no of participants joining for the trip)
  2. 2nd day Lunch
  3. Personal expenses (Snacks, mineral water, etc)
  4. Any extra expenditure not mentioned in inclusions.
  5. All expenses incurred due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances.


  1. All participants will have to carry their backpack and Tents/sleeping bags allocated to them
  2. All participants have to fill the form before boarding for the trip and must bring a valid ID proof along with them
  3. During the trek and stay, only locally available food will be provided
  4. For safety, All participants must follow the Outdoor leader
  5. Do not wear tight clothes, they can be uncomfortable.
  6. Its an adventurous and outdoor travel event trip, so please do not expect any luxury for stay, sanitation or any other unexpected situation that may occur during the whole trip. We will try our best to provide you the needed facilities during the event.
  7. Do not litter, do not make loud noises.
  8. Do not carry valuable ornaments with you during the event, the safety and security of your personal belongings and the tents/sleeping bags provided to you are your responsibility.


  1. Shoes with good rubber grip
  2. Rucksack/Backpack
  3. Water (2 Litres)
  4. Windcheaters(In case if it rains) or Jacket (It may be cold at night)
  5. Extra pair of clothes for those who wish to take bath
  6. Personal medical kit (If needed)
  7. Flashlight/Torch
  8. Cap or HeadWrap
  9. Snacks/Protein bars for Instant energy
  10. Vaseline or Sunscreen
  11. Spare batteries or Power Bank
  12. Plastic covers (to keep your stuff dry)


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