Have you ever heard or experienced about a Beach Trek? Yes or No, let us know in the comments below. I guess by the title you might have understood that this is a blog about the Gokarna beach trek. Gokarna is a beach town on the shore of the Arabian Sea which is famous for its beautiful beaches and Mahabaleshwar Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In the Gokarna Beach trek, you find six amazing beaches which will make your every penny worth it and Adventuresome will make your Gokarna beach trek one of the best memories you would ever have. So Let the Trek begin…

Belekan Beach - Starting Point of Gokarna Beach Trek

Belekan Beach starting Point of Gokarna Beach Trek


Belekan beach is a peaceful beach where you can just relax at the shore or go on a boat ride and enjoy the views around. On this beach, you have a cliff diving spot where you basically dive into water from a height of 14 feet, regardless to say it is safe with Adventuresome. So we jump from the sky and dive into the salty sea literally! Once you start tasting like a salty fish, you are ready for the trek. You have to trek through the woods about 1.5 kilometers to reach the next beach. This trail is very nice to walk and is very easy to complete. Going through this trail you find greenery all around can enjoy the silence of the jungle. “Oh! What is that sound, breaking the silence?”

Cliff diving at Belekan beach

Paradise Beach – The best beach to Camp

Breaking the silence of the Jungle comes Paradise Beach with some huge waves. Once you reach the Paradise beach you will find people with tents camping there and basking in the sun. You can also relax a bit, but the trek has just started. So you need to move ahead. You can capture awesome clicks with the blue sea and with that we can head to the next beach.

Paradise beach

Half Moon Beach

After the Paradise beach, the next stop is at Half-moon beach. It is a half-moon shaped beach surrounded by the lush green flora stretching along the beach. You can do many fun activities here like swimming, playing volleyball or just relax and see the waves dancing. After re-energizing, prepare yourself for the next amazing beach which just a cliff ahead.


Om Beach – The Om shaped beach

From the half Moon beach, you need to climb and cross a huge cliff to reach Om Beach. Once you reach the top of the cliff, take a moment and have a look at the sea. If you are lucky you may encounter dolphins jumping in and out of the sea. This is the dolphin point. After having a look at the dolphins get down the cliff carefully and you are here at the Om beach. And if you have a Drone, you can enjoy the top view of the beach and you will know why exactly it is called the Om Beach. Let’s go to the biggest beach of the six beaches in Gokarna Beach trek.

om beach

Kudle Beach – A Sunset point

Trekking from the Om beach to Kudle beach, again you need to go through a small forest which has a proper laid out path with steps. Following this trail, you will end up at the Kudle beach. It the biggest beach in Gokarna. It is also the spot where most foreigners visit. Once you reach the Kudle beach you will feel that you are standing on the last land and the seawater goes on till infinity. Enjoy the beautiful sunset at the beach and click some amazing photos at the beach. At this place, you can play beach football or beach volleyball. You will see a lot of people doing the same. If you are tired already the just relax at the shore and enjoy the sunset. Once the sun goes down the horizon, start moving to the last beach of the whole trek.

Kudle beach

Gokarna Beach - End of Gokarna Beach Trek

Trek from Kudle beach to Gokarna beach has small houses on the path. After walking some distance you reach the Gokarna beach. Winds here are a little strong, so you will be all covered with particles of beach sand. Altogether you will have great fun at the beach. You can sit down with your friends and just create nice memories at the Gokarna beach. As soon as you come out of the beach you will find a lot of shops where you can have good food and end the Gokarna Beach trek by filling your stomach with mouth-watering food and head to your stay to rest.

Gokarna beach

To enjoy this whole fun, exciting and adventurous trek, click this – Gokarna Beach Trek

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  1. Vipul Upadhya

    This trek was amazing and the food, guide, location, and camping all the things are superb and perfectly managed by Adventuresome, and there guide the trip went so well that we all decide to visit this place again.

  2. Manish Ojha

    I have taken this trek on Jan 2020, in my experience, it was one of those refreshing trip wherein we trek between the mountains in the safe jungle to the relaxing beaches followed by rain dance, bonfire and the beach-side camping under the stars, I must say the tremendous effort has been put up by Prashant (trek coordinator) and the entire Adventuresome team to make the trip comfortable and memorable, would like to travel with Adventuresome again, highly recommended!

  3. Krati Jain

    Gokarna has several beaches and the trek route is popularly known as the “Golden Route “. The trail will entail walking on the beach sands by the side of the rocky hills on one side and the far-stretching Arabian Sea on the other side. The route will pass through several beaches starting with Kudle beach, then on to the more popular Om beach which is in the shape of OM and sees travellers spending long hours. You then move on to more rocky hills trail and reach half Moon shaped beach or crescent beach. The beach hopping trail ends with Paradise beach.

  4. Goofy

    Thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

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    I hope that you won’t stop writing such interesting articles. I’m waiting for more of your content. It’s so good that i’m going follow you.

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