Journey begins

After tying up firewood and sleeping bags on the roof of our bus, at around 11 P.M. we started with a brief introduction of ourselves to the group we were traveling with as after all, it was the Adventuresome tribe, which is famous in the communities for providing with the best of weekends to Bangaloreans who are well known for their appetite for adventure. As our vehicle started to roar through the midnight winds on the Bangalore roads, we switched on our music system and settled ourselves for the next 9 hours of journey we were about to go through different districts of Karnataka and also covering the curves up to 70-80 kilometers in the Western Ghats too.

We freshened up and had a wonderful breakfast at a stop nearby Shimoga and then proceeded to our first stop, The Mirjan Fort. Visiting this archaeologically important site gave us a feel of the pre-19th century era at Bangalore. Here we also enjoyed tender coconut in the unforgiving afternoon sun. Now it was time to begin our trek from Belekhan beach to our base camp at paradise beach. The Belekhan beach had rocks lined throughout the shore to avoid the wash-away of sand from the coast at high tides because the place that we had lunch was just about 10-15mtrs from the sea there. The beach was full of life and sounds of vast ocean waves lapping on the rocks. We saw a star fish being washed away from shore by waves. All these majestic views give peace of mind unique to a beach.


Trekking through the hilly jungles of Gokarna, we reached our camping site which was mostly an “adda” for the foreign beach lovers. The Paradise beach was a perfect C-curve with the coconut grooves in between providing us with the best viewpoint to enjoy the sea shore and also with a very good place to set up our camp and have fun. But it was the other part of our journey with the current one being a ~6kms trek through the Gokarna hill ranges covering 7 prominent beaches there which were Paradise beach, Hell of a beach, Half moon beach, Dolphin’s point, Om beach, Kudle beach and at last the Gokarna beach with the order being ascending with respect to the time of the day we were present there. Having lots of fun, games, photo shoots throughout the whole trek and also a memorable football match with Germans at Om beach, we went through the beaches witnessing the sun gradually diving into the Arabian Sea at Kudle beach. The scenic beauty of that wonderful dive the sun had was followed by the takeover of night which we clearly witnessed blanketing the Earth with the start of its darkness from the horizon and eventually the not-so-distinct boundary of the day and night proceeding towards east engulfing us in a dark blanket with the not yet distinct stars on it. We reached Gokarna and it was there where we washed ourselves up of the sea sand and the sea salt on ourselves that we had put on while playing games in the sea. After snacks, we went back in the bus to Belekhan beach again from where we again had to pass through the jungle to our campsite at Paradise beach. After we reached, we had our dinner which was pre parcelled to our site by the local restaurant over there. After the dinner, we sat around a well lit campfire singing songs and playing a guitar to it. This was also followed by the game of Mafia which is a quite exciting game in which we have to find out the hidden Mafia with some logic and a close observation. After having a wonderful night alongside the seashore, we rested ourselves below the well lit stars for us to see and the astounding roar of the sea to make us realise how small we are and yet capable enough to scale it on voyages.


The next day morning was a beautiful one with us playing volley ball on the sand and swimming in the sea. Then after some fun and some soul quenching by the scenic beauty of the morning, we went back to Belekhan beach, had breakfast and then were off to Murudeshwara. Reaching Murudeshwara, some offered their prayers to the Lord Shiva there and others enjoyed the beach there. Then we went to a restaurant nearby to have lunch and sat and chit chatted under the fans in that hot and humid climate. Then we placed ourselves in the seats starting the journey back to Bangalore with a movie which was “Ae dil hai mushkil”. We halted at places for some break and later for the dinner. Reaching Bangalore at night 4 A.M., we exchanged our byes and wished each other for another trip together with Adventuresome as this one has imprinted us with some of the most amazing memories and experiences that are unforgettable throughout our lives

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