A zephyr sweeps over the blue-tinted horizon, through the rustling leaves and the dancing boughs. The orange-red sun climbs up from behind the mountains, spreading its yellow wings to engulf everything, and light them up in its warmth and ecstasy. Butterflies hover and sit on bright-hued and deep-scented flowers and drink the essence of life. Birds chirp and fly around, riding the winds, while the animals run and play behind tall shrubs and grasses, and in the trees. Some even slosh in the burbling streams or serene ponds and some get dirty in the mud. The skin feels the tinge of cold in the morning and wetness that hovers around until soaked up by sun’s heat. And this is just another day at the office for unvarnished life in forests, untouched by humans.

Nature is an embellishment of all these and countless myriads of events that are so beautiful that they often leave you dazed and breathless in the awe of its calm and beauty, if you let it. It makes you feel one and the whole, filling you with a kind of love and satisfaction that truly exists in just being, nothing more.

Nature’s Secret to Travel by adventuresome

Travel into Nature

The most important thing to do to see nature’s ravishing beauty is to travel. Nothing is more spectacular than to go out alone or with your folks to places untouched or least touched by mankind and soak in the ambience, just doting over the spectacular phenomena which are unavailable and unseen in the bustling metropolitan life. They not only revivify but also make you see life and things beyond acquiring and conquering. A walk on a trail through the Western Ghats can leave you flabbergasted regarding the diversity of what existence really is; going through those tall trees and wet paths, lined with streams and boulders, meeting never-seen-before creatures and taking occasional dips in the water to shoo away the muscle fatigue and soothe the nerves; and witnessing that a forest is not such a quiet place after all, and not so safe also; it just thrills you to the core.

Nature’s Secret to Travel by Adventuresome

Travel to Mountains

A visit to the hills and mountains can leave you gasping for breath (literally also) by their sheer beauty and the view it provides. The stunning landscape appears surreal and you can just sit there thoughtless or thinking in poetic language. The trail itself is lined with challenges, adventures, never-shutting-their-mouth friends, and the swathes of natural serenity. The cool mountain air is so much fresh that it ignites the lungs with new life. Setting up a camp there, lighting bonfires and dancing and singing can become one of your most memorable memory in the years to follow. Sleeping under the stars is a different feeling altogether, something we might have experienced in the villages, but not like this one, on a hill or a mountain top. The chill from the air and altitude and the heat from the fire and the blanket create that pure comfort that either puts you in deep slumber or keeps you awake for the whole night. Both are wonderful in the end. And imagine sleeping when you have deep gorges and valleys around you just a few metres away from where you are sleeping! Just don’t think!

Travel to mountain by Adventuresome

Travel to Beaches

The beaches also offer a true version of nature and are among the most relaxing and enjoyable places for people. The dance of shimmering waters of the waves in the sun during the day and the sheer rumbling of them with strong winds in the night is a feeling that stays with you forever. Taking dips in the sea, playing volleyball and football, and drinking and singing with your friends is something that connects so deep to our human nature to be happy and share this happiness with others. Surfing, boating, scuba diving, parasailing and jet skiing are some of the adrenaline rushing activities that beaches offer in the oceanic waters. They are truly adventurous and hair raising events and one should definitely try them out.

Travel to Beach by Adventuresome

Travel after lockdown

After being left alone for such a long period in the lockdown, nature utilised the time to replenish and enliven itself, incorporating the freshness that an untouched place exudes. So, travel after lockdown is a greater joy to see the unvarnished nature of nature that existed in the time of our forefathers, when human intervention in nature’s processes was abysmally low. So, if you get on the trails now, you are bound to find them dressed with new grass and freshly fallen dry leaves which you can trample upon and write a new version of “The Road not Taken”.  The air is cleaner, water streams crystal clear and transparent, and the ambience saturated with musky smell of spring flowers. Also, not many people will come out and visit nature’s la, so there will not be overcrowding in popular spots. It would be the best time, actually speaking, to pack your bags and go for a tour in the wilderness.

Travel is, not too far

To the Nature that will again Thrive

And help me rejuvenate and survive

Out of these troubled times I rise

Pack my bags and just drive

To see that river gurgling again

Dancing under the sun and rain

The ducks and otters riding the waves

Amidst the symphonies of larks and cranes

And it will be a fresh start

We are dumb, nature smart

Meetings and greetings will begin like never before

Travel is, not too far.

Travel is, not too far by Adventuresome

Frequently Asked Questions

1.When will travel recover?

It’s a million-dollar question. The true answer is nobody knows for sure. Travel is going to recover in stages and freedom to travel will not be same, not only country-by-county but also by region. However, there are multiple factors that will influence travel such as social distancing on planes is economically viable for carriers, the reliability of antibody tests, and if immunity is lasting, to name a few.

Our believe is:

*Domestic travel is going to start around October.

*International travel will take around minimum 1 year to recover.

2.Will travel ever be the same again?

I think we can’t be assuring on this, because time will give us the answer. As Holiday prices are expected to increase, in hope that the travel industry will recover from this very difficult year. However, since the  travel industry, and the rest of the world, has been put on hold for so long, people are now, understandably, hesitant to travel, or do not have the money to do so. Also, social distancing measures on places and other practices will most likely deter travellers too. It is still uncertain when a vaccine will be secured and, until then, I unfortunately can’t see a lot of people wanting to leave the country.

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