Are you tired of partying in clubs and sitting in your couch with beer and always looking at your never ending bucket list.People trek for different reasons, some trek for the thrill of it, some trek to discover new places and cultures, some do it get closer to natural beauties while some, including me, trek to find peace from the chaos of metro life. Adventuresome is the best excuse to ditch your boring and 9-5 monotonous life and wasted weekends and go out there to take a break that you deserve and should have taken much earlier. Lets count down 5 off-beat places that we go out.



It is a small trekking spot in Tamil Nadu Andhra border, about 70 km from Chennai. I must say one of nature’s best wonders in south India. Crystal clear water coming from nowhere at top of the mountains deep in the forest where you can hear only your heartbeat. The path that will be leading you to the beautiful natural pools is a rocky path, taking a route in between long tree, seeing monkeys do gymnastics from one tree to another, listening to songs sung by the best singers of the world ‘birds’, mesmerizing sound of water falling from the top of the hills, leaving ones eyes and ears to the forest thinking that you are never gonna get this opportunity again. Indeed it’s very difficult to turn feelings into words.


Lush green forests and mountains covered with fog isn’t it the perfect place where you always wanted to camp and chill There is something very mystical about kumar parvatha that makes it different from any other place in this region. For adventure lovers the whole idea of going through one of the hardest treks of the Western Ghats is unquestionably the most enthralling one. It all starts over the journey itself moving through the twisted roads guarded by the tall trees and continuously roaring winds that becomes your constant companion, taking us to the most perfect picturesque location. Kumara parvatha is regarded as the third highest peak in the whole Karnataka only after mulyangiri and Tadiandamol peak. Although it is an seasonal trek but rambling up 32 km becomes no easy task. Full of natural streams and lush green mountains the whole trek is mesmerising and an unforgettable experience.


We all make plans for Goa at least once in our life but 9 out of 10 times we fail. Gokarna is a blessing to us, situated near the Goa border this beautiful place is the answer to the always cancelled Goa plan. Unlike Goa it is more of an beach trek with adventures challenges such as walking under the water to get to the next beach and sea diving etc. The trek starts from paradise beach and then ends near the main gokarna beach. The scenic beauty cannot be defined in words.


A land of boulders filled with best in class artifacts and arranged around by tungabadra river, this place is trekker’s paradise. Its one of its kind, the flora and fauna around here makes it more colourful and vibrant and as soon as you step in here you start to live the legacy that this place has to offer. This place is quite religious though with temples all over the scape but the natural beauty it has is simply undefinable. There is hill called Anjaneya hill that is said to be lord hanuman’s birth place. There is a little river island in Hampi, called the hippie Island. It’s all about hippies and has been a paradise for them since it’s on the hippie trail in India. Sunset jam session at Sunset point is one the best places to be at if you need to witness what a beautiful sunset looks like. You can also do cliff jumping and fery ride on tungabadra river. Hampi is a small world in itself, you can’t just ignore this fact when you come here.


Filled by beautiful landscapes, covered by lush green flora and decorated by chilling freshwater streams it seems like a path to heaven from earth. At an altitude of around 1900 m above sea level, the Kudremukh Peak offers the best trekkers demand, with its mountainous paths and floral and faunal diversity The magic of rain, lush greenery, and dense forests would get imprinted in your heart for a long long time, no doubt… The silence and serenity it offers is incomparable. There are waterfalls, streams and you can literally touch the clouds. A few times it feels nature is playing hide and seek with you, by suddenly making you enter the jungle, and afterward suddenly throwing you into open space… This place offers you deep silence and peace, enjoying and overlooking the mountains, gazing the serenity that it has to offer. You can relax and unwind your self here. The maximum effort you can put there is in visiting some nice resort or jungle walk. We at adventuresome have some of the best packages at unbeatable prices… Kudremukh is more suitable for those who want to have a nice time with nature and don’t mind taking some physical toll. It has some nice trekking routes and jungle safaris too. When you reach the peak the clouds will be under you, it is an amazing view Never in your life you would have ever come across something as surreal as this scene.. Do not miss to check the shape of the peak which is in the shape of the face of a horse which is how the name gets derived.. You can stay at any homestay. But to go to Kudremukh you will need to rent a jeep cause the path is a bit off-road. The adventure starts from the jeep ride itself.. The best part about these homestays is that they grow their own coffee so you are served with tasty fresh coffee when you need it and all the hosts are really friendly and you get an awesome expression altogether.

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