‘In each walk with nature, one receives way more than he seeks’. this can be my trekking expertise that i would like to share and invite all to hitch the hand with nature and explore. Nature contains a ton to serve. i prefer being close to the highest of a mountain, one’s can’t wander off here. Of all the trail you’re taking in life, check that many of them square measure dirt. Go wherever u feel most ALIVE……..

Madhugiri Foot hill

Madhurigi fort- Asia’s second largest Monolith.

*Distance- 120kms north west of banglore (3930 feet elevation).

*Place- Madhurigi fort, Tumkur, Banglore

Its been 2 years since my last diary post. Last Sunday I had practised one thing new, that galvanized Pine Tree State to once more write the blogs. once returning to ICFAI grad school, Banglore I joined trekking club (EARTHY EXPLORERS) of the school. Last Sunday we have a tendency to went on a trek and here am I with my expertise and reminiscences of the trek.
Madhugiri, the primary trek of my life. that’s Asia’ssecond largest stone. Earthy Explorers (college trekking club and Adventuresome) on 22/july/2018 provided a chance to trek to Madhugiri fort. there have been quite fifty students United Nations agency joined United States of America for this journey. we have a tendency to reserved a deluxe bus for an equivalent. Since its off from our institute we have a tendency to determined to go away at five am to avoid the warmth throughout the trek. we have a tendency to all gathered before of our faculty gate at 4:45 am and from there we have a tendency to started our journey to the trekking web site. It took United States of America around 2:30 hours of travel. we have a tendency to reached there by 8:00 am, took a awfully light-weight breakfast (mango juice and banana). reinvigorated for a short while then we have a tendency to created six teams of six or seven-member every makes the coordination simple then we have a tendency to all got set to trek Madhugiri fort.

The Trek

Madhugiri by Adventuresome

We began to trek at 8:30 am, the climate was pleasant that created the trek a decent expertise. The trek route at first was quite moderate then, later on, became arduous. The trek was terribly long approx 900 feet. hospitable route to initial|the primary} tract- This first stretch has many steps to require you on your approach. These ar fairly straightforward to climb and also the kind that takes you thru a series of superbly inscribed stone corridors resulting in a comparatively massive tank associated an outpost. The wind welcomes you at this spot, from wherever you’ll see a large knoll, a preview of a trek before you. Nearly associate hour later we have a tendency to reached a flat ground with turned on one facet, the pool at very cheap and exquisite read all around. it had been tempting to explore this half however I knew we have a tendency to had an extended thanks to go. we have a tendency to eluded disbursal tons of your time here. we have a tendency to did bound exercises before moving forward.

Gearing up before the toughest part of this trek

Madhugiri Fort
After thirty min of the trek, we tend to finally reached the toughest a part of the chance. Third tract – The third tract was the foremost talked regarding, perceived as dangerous by several however in point of fact, anybody WHO makes up their mind might with success conquer this stretch. This inclination was on the point of 60-70 degree, requiring trekkers to urge down on cards and crawl their manner forward. it had been strenuous and extremely difficult. On account of this stretch footwear is taken into account a requirement on this trek of Madhugiri fort. several of my friends were suffering there thanks to non-proper shoe’s. there have been grooves within the rock, providing support to crawl climber. earlier there was a supporting railing that was not there creating it additional alarming to cross. it had been troublesome and extremely intimidating. I saw alternative teams of boys WHO came back from this time. Even four members of our cluster determined to prevent there as they were terrified of heights. I appreciated all alternative women and boys of our cluster WHO crossed this stretch. once this stretch, there was no supporting railings or grooves within the rock. At some places, the rock was steep wherever we tend to had to kneel down and crawl. throughout the season, it may be extremely troublesome to cross this tract because it was quite slippery.

The Peak
After plenty of breaks, we tend to finally reached the height at 10:50 am. alternative members from my cluster were already waiting there. At the highest of the hills there have been many ancient structures that you simply might explore as well as the ‘Gopalkrishna Temple’. A one-story store structure with a little hole to let in mere one ray of sunshine, it fascinates all WHO encounters it. we tend to saw the thick dome-shaped stone granaries that were designed to store weapons. a number of them even saved the lives of freedom fighters. solely the perished remains were left for all folks to examine.

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