The Beginning

We started our journey on a Friday night around 11 pm. And even though it was a time when most people choose to sleep, our group was up and geared up for what was lying in the two days ahead of us. We spent the night listening to music, sharing fun experiences and laughing our hearts out. As we approached Gokarna, we could see the beautiful Western Ghats through the windows of our bus. We stopped for breakfast in the morning and then headed for our first stop.

The Experience

Our first stop was Belekan Beach. Post having lunch at the beach, the trek finally began. The first leg of the trek was Belekan to Paradise Beach. It was a mesmerising experience to walk along the lush greenery of the forest. It felt calm and surreal. Along the way, we kept humming to songs to keep our spirits high. Our guide, Prashant was truly an energetic guy and kept the group together. 

When we reached Paradise beach, I was awestruck. I had never seen such a pure view of nature. Surrounded by greenery, and the clear blue water of the sea.. one can simply spend an eternity sitting by the shore of Paradise Beach. However, we didn’t have an eternity to spend at Paradise Beach and we then headed for our next stop, Om Beach. I’ll admit I was a little tired at this point, but the group’s and the guide’s energy kept me going. We first went for a Dolphin spotting trip, and it was amazing to see dolphins jump up the ocean.It was a scene I had only seen in movies till then. We then played a few games along the beach, had a few photos clicked and moved on to the next leg of the journey. Our next stop was Kudle Beach. This was my favourite part of the trek because as we walked along the rocky terrains we could see the sunset. 

After Kudle Beach, we reached Gokarna, where we freshened up and had a few snacks. We then took the bus back to Belekan Beach and had dinner. We then found our camping site near Paradise Beach and set up our tents. We then spent our time dancing, talking and singing along beside a campfire. After such a long and exciting day, we finally went to sleep in our cozy tents. 

The Packing Up

We woke up the next morning and played volleyball by the beach for sometime. Some members of the group even went for a swim.We then went to Belkam Beach for breakfast and then set off for Mirjan fort. Mirjan fort was built in the 16th Century, it is old but just as beautiful. We explored the fort for a while and then went for lunch at a nearby restaurant. 

Post lunch we set off for our return journey. We halted at a few places for breaks and then for dinner. We reached Bangalore around 3:30 am. We thanked Adventuresome for such a memorable trip and said our goodbyes. It was an amazing experience. I was truly glad to have been a part of such an adventurous group of people and would love to travel with them again soon. 

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