What an amazing experience! Started early in the morning at 0600hrs. Reached Jakkur aerodrome at 0715hrs, entered via first gate. I had booked the event “Microlight flying as a copilot” from Adventuresome. After necessary Briefing from the organiser, Mr. Prashant and Nithin , signed the declarations and then was waiting for my turn to fly the Microlight along with an experienced pilot(In my case pilot from Jet Airways).

Pilot and the participant in the microlight

I had booked Microlight flying for the duration of 20 minutes (10 minutes also available, but I always go for the max). The aircraft was on taxi track after completion of landing from the previous sortie. The aircraft gate opened, and the adrenaline rush kicked in, I can feel the raise in my heartbeats. I was strapped in by the ground crew, headset on, harness locked, door closed, throttle up!

Woah , couldn’t believe my eyes, Instantly the Microlight took off(short runway requirement). We were in the air. Soon after gaining a stable height the pilot taught the basic controls. Turning left, turning right, nose up, nose down and the throttle settings. I was grasping in the working of controls then I heard the pilot say something to me via intercom (headset, you can’t hear normal speech due to engine noise).

view of the runway

He said, “Samim, take the controls.” I was both shocked and excited! Instantly I took the controls and kept following his orders. His orders were very clear in my ears, “I want you to turn left”. I turned left as slowly as possible.

Then he said, “Nose up a little maintain height”. I did it. I was so astonished that I was actually flying the aircraft (under a good supervision though). After several basic movements, he took back the controls. And said, “So till now you were performing normal manoeuvres, time to learn what else it can do ! “

I was like yes bring it on! Then he pulled off those high G manoeuvres (Sharp turns). Sudden gaining of altitude he mentioned it like a rocket in the air and the best, sharp diving down and losing altitude (The negative G). You can feel the weightlessness. I shouted “woah” and laughed like a child.

Then it was time for some action again. Controls were given to me. I was waiting for it. I completed those manoeuvres. And what an amazing view it was. That feeling can’t be described with words, looking Bangalore from 5000 feet. He was then giving me directions and guiding our aircraft back towards runway, we were constantly in touch with the ATC.

microlight flying in sky

He just asked, “where is the runway?” I started looking for it. After having visuals on runway we started aligning with it then we descended down to several hundred feet. Throttle was decreased, and then touchdown. We were on ground and now on the taxi track. I thought the lessons were over, but I was wrong.

He said, “Keep both of your feet properly on the rudders and move the aircraft left/right on runway and get a feel of the controls”. I was more than happy to oblige! And the rudders were used for the lateral movements while taxing to the drop location. I kept moving and after several turns we reached our pickup/drop location. I can see the crowd eagerly waiting for their turn. I said thank you to the pilot shook hands and got down. Then I went to Mr. Prashant and Nithin and after giving him all the feedback, left the place. In the end, it is totally worth your money. Microlight flying gives you the required adrenaline rush and leaves you with a wonderful experience to share.

Microlight flying above clouds

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