Hello Travelers, I hope this article finds you in good health, physically and mentally. Funny how coronavirus has made us all start conversations with such concern and empathy now! I know the current situation isn’t ideal for travel, and you all are sitting at home hoping that this will pass! And it will, you will be a free elf just like Dobby! But that shouldn’t stop you from planning your travel.. the dates TBD of course!

So I am here to help you a bit on that. Here are top 10 countries to travel after Coronavirus is gone.

Top places to travel after coronavirus

Top 10 Countries to Travel after Coronavirus

  1. Indonesia
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. Maldives
  4. Bhutan
  5. Nepal
  6. Fiji
  7. Seychelles
  8. Vietnam
  9. Cambodia
  10. UAE

Lets dive deep in for more details.

1. Indonesia

Indonesia has around 17,000 islands scattered between Asian mainland and Australia, this country can offer limitless experiences for travelling. It is the perfect example for a destination which offers “something for everyone”. The most popular one being Bali. Bali islands are a world renowned holiday destination. Bali itself is a destination which requires at least a week to cover entirely. So for no matter how long you stay in Indonesia you will always feel like you have barely scratched the surface! And isn’t that the spirit which keeps a traveler going? Other famous destinations to travel after coronavirus in Indonesia include Lombok and Gili Islands, which has the cleanest beaches with the awesome bulk of Gunung Rinjani rising above turquoise crater lakes. Just off shore, the fabled Gili Islands are ringed by white-sand beaches and pristine coral reefs.

The next popular place is Java. It’s central spine is dominated by volcanoes, their fertile slopes supporting glimmering rice fields dotted with countless villages. Next is Komodo National Park which is famous for being the host to the Komodo dragon, largest extant lizard in the world. The list is endless, but you get the gist right? Indonesia is a MUST VISIT!


  1. What are the main attractions of Indonesia?

Bali, Lombok and Gili Islands, Java, Komodo, Jakarta are some of the most toured parts of Indonesia.

  1. What is the best time to visit Indonesia?

Indonesia is a tropical country, so the best time to visit it is in the dry months — May to October.

  1. Is Indonesia an easy country to travel in?

The country is quite cheap and English is widely spoken, so yes.

Indonesia is one of famous destinations to travel after coronavirus

2. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s heady mix of beautiful landscapes, incredibly friendly locals and British colonial heritage make it a beguiling destination. Sri Lanka has it all, literally! From sandy beaches to leopards in rain forests to age old Buddhist monuments, you can find it all in Sri Lanka. It’s your one stop destination to travel after covid-19! The cultural triangle — made of the three major historical cities of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, and Kandy — are often frequented by history buffs. Consider visiting a national park to see wild animals in their natural habitats. Yala, Udawalawe, and Kaudulla have become insanely crowded over the years. Sri Lanka has 26 national parks to explore. There are countless beaches to visit, some of the popular ones are — Nilaveli, Mirissa, Weligama, Unawatuna.


  1. Do Sri Lankans speak English?

English is fluently spoken by approximately 10% of the population and widely used for official and commercial purposes.

  1. What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

The favorable months are usually December — March for the west coast and south coast, and from April — September for the ancient cities and the east coast. The northeast monsoon is usually November — March and the southwest monsoon is June — October.

  1. Is Sri Lanka a safe country?

As with any international travel, be aware of your surroundings. Do not leave your valuables unattended on the beach, the balconies or terraces. Be cautious in markets and in open areas with crowds to avoid pickpockets.

Sri Lanka

3. Maldives

With nearly 1190 volcanic and coral islands sprawled across the Indian Ocean, Maldives has long been considered as one of the most popular romantic getaways to enjoy some tropical charm. Maldives is famous for its luxurious resorts and waters sports. The underwater life is amazing and the Maldives has a reputation as a diver’s paradise. This is the perfect place to travel after coronavirus for people who enjoy getting soaked in the sunshine on the beach and snorkeling on the beach. It’s the perfect relaxing getaway.


  1. Where and how are the resorts organized?

Each resort is an exclusive island that has all amenities contained and generated on the island.

  1. What is the best time to visit Maldives?

November to April is the best time to visit Maldives as the temperature is below 32 degree Celsius.

  1. What are the languages spoken?

Maldivians speak Dhivehi. It is the National language, but English is widely used.

Maldives is the perfect place to travel after coronavirus

4. Bhutan

Bhutan is known as the Kingdom of Happiness, aka the happiest country in the world. Do you really need any more advertising? Anyways, moving on, another reason to travel to Bhutan after coronavirus is that you don’t need a visa if you’re from India and it’s quite cheap. And it’s also one of the most beautiful places laid in the foot of the Himalayas. The major places of attraction are Phuentsholing, Thimpu and Paro. Thimpu is the only capital city in a country in the world that has no traffic signal. The trek to Tiger’s Nest monastery is world famous, one of the most revered monasteries and the icon of pride of Bhutan. Bhutan also has an amazing culture, and experiencing a cultural festival there is a must try!


  1. Why should I visit Bhutan?

Its secluded location, limited accessibility, and preservation efforts have shielded many from visiting this jewel in the Himalayas.

  1. Is Bhutan a safe country?

Bhutan has a low crime rate and is generally a safe country. However, as with any international travel, please be aware of your surroundings.

  1. When is the best time to visit Bhutan?

October to December is the ideal time to visit Bhutan as the air is clear and fresh with sunny skies.


5. Nepal

Nepal is an underrated country for travel! It has mountains, jungles, ancient cities, spiritual sites, travel nirvana and the friendliest people of earth — wow I can’t sell it more! Kathmandu is the country’s capital and is the perfect mix of culture and modernity. From the old royal palace at Durbar Square to crowded backstreets and Tibetan meat pies, this city will keep you on your toes. Bhaktapur, with its cobbled streets and red-brick houses, is straight out of a museum. Temples and statues adorn almost every street corner and one can spot artisans weaving cloth by the roadside. The birthplace of the Gautama Buddha, a trip to Lumbini is incomplete without a visit to the Maya Devi temple. Apart from the cities, Nepal also offers a trek to the Everest Base Camp, which is 12 days long. Nepal is the perfect destination to travel after covid-19 which has a blend of adventure and relaxation in a vacation!


  1. Can I get Nepal visa on arrival?

Yes! Nepal visa is easily available up on arrival in the entry places.

  1. Can I trek in the Himalayas even if I haven’t done any trekking before?

Absolutely, in fact it’s a great place to start. ZNMD, my friend!

  1. When is the best time to visit Nepal?

Late September to early December is the peak season, with clear skies, fresh air and days of sunshine. This time is also the best for trekking.

Nepal is the perfect destination to travel after coronavirus

6. Fiji

Fiji is a collection of volcanic islands spanning 1,600 kilometers in the South Pacific Ocean. There are two main islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, and nearly 900 smaller islands and inlets. Dazzling sands, perfect palm trees and waters so blue they glow — Fiji’s beaches look airbrushed. The most popular destination in Fiji lies visible off Nadi’s coastline — a gorgeous collection of islands known as the Mamanucas. Here you’ll find sublime beaches and tiny coral cays with suitably exotic names such as “Bounty” or “Treasure Island”. Extending north of the Mamanucas are the Yasawa Islands, a string of larger, volcanic islands home to a mixture of budget beach resorts and upmarket boutique accommodation. Fiji is you ideal sandy beach getaway!


  1. Is it safe to swim in Fiji?

Swimming and snorkeling in Fiji’s waters is pretty safe but there are a few precautions to be aware of. Wave action on the beaches is generally very sedate — the only places you may face danger are around river passages on the larger islands where rip tides can pull you out to sea.

  1. Is it safe to travel to Fiji?

Fiji a very safe place for travellers and common sense is all you really need to ensure a safe and happy holiday.

  1. When is the best time to visit Fiji?

The best time to visit Fiji, and the most comfortable, is during the dry season between May and October when temperatures hover around 25°C.


7. Seychelles

This island nation comprises of 115 islands! Located off the coast of East Africa, it is one of those isolated, dreamy locations one often sees in movies. The white sand beaches and turquoise waters surrounded by forest-clad mountains make it every travelers dream. Seychelles boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches. Amongst them, Anse Source D’Argent located on the island of La Digue remains ones of the most photographed beaches in the world with its pink sand. Seychelles is also home to two UNESCO sites — Aldabra is the second largest coral atoll in the world and has distinctive fauna, including the largest population of Giant Tortoises in the world. Visitors need prior permission to visit this remote atoll. Vallée de Mai, on the other hand, is located in Praslin Island and is easily accessible by ferry. Seychelles’ stunning topography of coral reefs, drop offs, wrecks and canyons, coupled with the rich marine life, makes it one of the best diving sites around the world — Brissare Rocks, Fishermen’s Cove Reef, Shark Bank and Trompeuse Rocks are a few popular ones. Be it your honeymoon, a romantic getaway or the perfect vacation with your best friends, Seychelles is as perfect as a destination to travel after coronavirus one can be!


  1. What languages are spoken?

English and French are widely spoken.

  1. Is it safe to travel to Fiji?

Fiji a very safe place for travellers and common sense is all you really need to ensure a safe and happy holiday.

  1. What to pack?

Pack swimwear, loose-fitting clothes, and open-toe footwear, as much of your time will be spent on the beach.

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8. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Southeast Asia. It’s exquisite culture, scenic mountains and golden sand beaches are a traveler’s dream. Halong Bay has one of the world’s most spellbinding sea views and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ho Chi Min City is a must visit for city lovers. The restaurant and cafe scene is incredibly cosmopolitan, and the shopping is the best you’ll find in the country. One must also not forget the historical town of Vietnam, Hue, which is filled with relics from the 19th century. The C Chi Tunnels are an extensive tunnel network that during the war, stretched for more than 250 kilometers, allowing VC troops to operate and communicate in the area surrounding Ho Chi Minh City.


  1. Will I experience a major culture shock?

Before travelling to Vietnam it is worth the effort to learn the basics of the local culture to avoid any misunderstandings with the locals.

  1. Is Vietnam a safe country?

Vietnam is a friendly and safe place for people to travel. The incidence rate of violent crime is quite low, therefore Vietnam is an ideal destination for women who want to travel alone.

  1. When is the best time to visit Vietnam?

Vietnam has 3 regions: North, Central and South and climate in each region is different. The winter monsoon that runs from October to March typically makes the north of the country cool and damp, while the south is dry and warm. From April or May to October, the summer monsoon generally leads to the whole nation becoming quite humid and hot — except for around the mountains.

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9. Cambodia

Cambodia will also be an exciting place to travel after covid-19, and you’ll find plentiful attractions ranging from unspoiled beaches and colonial towns capes through to dense forests and majestic rivers and lakes. The legendary temples of Angkor continue to attract millions of visitors each year. When travelling Cambodia, there is so much to discover including cities, villages and breath-taking beaches. Phnom Penh is the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The city is an alluring attraction in its own right. The center has broad appeal, and its French influence is evident in the open-fronted colonial shop houses that line the streets. Siem Reap is Cambodia’s principal tourist town. This city offers a gateway to the temples of Angkor. More than one hundred Angkorian monuments lie spread over some 3000 square kilometres of the countryside around the town. Sihankouville is also the entry point to the islands of Koh Rong, Koh Rong Samloem and Koh Ta Kiev. Koh Rong has a buzzing backpacker strip at Koh Toch. The beaches at Long Set and Long Beach along the west coast are more laid back. Combodia is a blend of heritage, culture and your typical beach vacation… sounds fun to me!


  1. How to get around Combodia?

When planning how to travel around Cambodia, consider the transport as part of the adventure. Roads have seen massive improvements in the past five years, so getting around the country is much easier than it once was. The bus system provides connections between all major towns. The bus offers the cheapest and usually the most convenient way to travel.

  1. When is the best time to visit Combodia?

Cambodia between March and May, the temperatures and humidity are higher. Visiting at this time can be a good choice if you are hitting the coast. If you are travelling Cambodia to explore the temples, the season between November and February is cool enough for sightseeing. December and January can be the most popular time for tourists.


10. UAE

The country consists of seven independent city-states, which are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al Quwain. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the most traveled to destinations. Get an unforgettable view from the top of the world from Burj Khalifa. Go on a desert safari in Abu Dhabi. The ultimate in opulence, the Palm Jumeirah is the best faux island you will ever visit. The Dubai Mall offers scuba in the Dubai Mall Aquarium! Dubai also offers indoor skiing at Ski Dubai. Visit Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and obsess over your dream cars. UAE is the perfect location to travel after coronavirus to spoil yourself, and you totally deserve a treat!


  1. What are the must do things in Dubai?

There are plenty things to do in Dubai, but if you are here for a short period of time then you must experience Desert Safari, Dinner cruise in the evening, Burj Khalifa’s top view and Dubai City tour.

  1. When is the best time to visit UAE?

Tourists generally visit Dubai from September to April when climate is breezy and healthy.

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Well, I hope we get through this pandemic soon. And I hope all of your travel dreams start taking off again and Adventuresome helps you visit all these beautiful countries soon! Until then, stay safe and see you on the other side!

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