Mother Nature was incredibly generous with the Seychelles Island, a legendary paradise whose islands are scattered throughout the Indian Ocean. Fascinating beaches are the main attraction and what not type of beaches! Exquisite bands of sand, bathed by turquoise waters and supported by lush hills, palms and Dalí boulders. Beyond the beach, diving and snorkeling are bright in the warm waters amidst abundant marine life, only few places on the planet offer luxury on the ocean like the Seychelles.

Mahé is the major island and the entrance point to the Seychelles, with some tremendous resorts, restaurants and beaches, not to mention the small capital of Victoria. But it is also the busiest Seychelles Island, with the glorious Praslin and La Digue a short boat ride away. Furthermore, you can find true islands of the lost world.

Seychelles Islands

The Seychelles Island is the Promised Land. Blue waters, green plantations and scenic walks, lively markets, water sports and many private getaways on the island make it ideal for honeymoons and romantic getaways.

With its tranquil, jewel-shaped islands amid incredibly blue waters, the Seychelles are mysterious and at the same time beckoning. A group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, the most popular islands to stay in are Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. They are the perfect romantic destinations for an unforgettable honeymoon. The most beautiful royal couple in the world, Prince William and Kate Middleton, spent their honeymoon over here. You can also enjoy the sun, sand and surf, and then visit it again.

Of course, there are places in the Seychelles Island than pristine beaches and waters so clear that you never lose sight of your feet. In addition to natural exquisiteness and biota, the main island of Mahé, where the capital Victoria is located, has stunning French and British colonial architecture. And not to mention the fantastic marine food and fantastic resorts. Also Seychelles Island is one of the top honeymoon destinations.

Top 10 things to do on your Seychelles Honeymoon

1) Relax on a secluded beach

2) Jump from one island to another with ease (and on a tight budget!)

3) Make friends with smiling locals

4) Cycling along the coast

5) Meet giant tortoises

6) Open the appetite with a walk that leaves you breathless

7) Water sports that will fascinate you like nothing else

8) Breakfasts on the beach

9) Drink champagne while watching dolphins in a boat

10) Hotel rooms that make your jaw drop

Honeymoon in Seychelles Islands

Now let’s go through each point so that you get more insights

1) Relax on a secluded beach

There are fewer more relaxing and regenerating rituals than the time you spend on the beach. The Seychelles Islands have many wonderful beaches to offer. Anse Source D’argent and Corte d’Or are some of my favorites. But the best part is that it is easy to get a stretch of beach for you only in the Seychelles. Most hotels have lonely beaches, but don’t be disappointed if yours isn’t. Simply ask your driver to suggest an unconventional public beach that does not see many tourists. Make sure you bring a sunscreen, a hat, a book and some wine to spend some wonderful moments on one of the beautiful Seychelles beaches

2) Jump from one island to another with ease (and on a tight budget!)

Numerous other archipelagos, such as the Maldives and French Polynesia, offer opportunities to visit the islands. However, in these countries it is extremely expensive and difficult to move from one island to another. As a result, most tourists spend their time on a single island. Not in the Seychelles. Public ferries make travel easy and convenient for guests. It’s great as you explore a lot more. I highly recommend including the islands of Praslin and La Digue on your itinerary if you are celebrating your honeymoon in the Seychelles

3) Make friends with smiling locals

The ease of movement between the different islands and within the islands makes it easier for guests to interact with the locals. Explore the bustling market and colorful houses of Victoria on the island of Mahé or interact with the locals in L’Union Estate in La Digue. You can make some new friends here. Who doesn’t like going home from a honeymoon with such beautiful memories?

4) Cycling along the coast

One of the most romantic things to do in the Seychelles Island is to rent bicycles and explore a small island at your own pace. It is easy to rent bikes on small islands like La Digue and Silhouette. Spend the day cycling at a leisurely pace, you and your partner. Discover hidden beaches and caves, stop eating when you want to or just take a break and snorkel, ah!

5) Meet giant tortoises

The Seychelles Island is one of the few countries in the world where you can see and even touch giant tortoises. Make sure you include the Union Estate on your Seychelles honeymoon itinerary. Here you can explore the old plantation houses and spend time with slow turtles. They seem to work during the island hours, slow and easy!

6) Open the appetite with a walk that leaves you breathless

If you want some exercise on your honeymoon, book a scenic walk and witness the magnificent nature of the Seychelles. There are many walks on each island, but there are two that we highly recommend. The challenging Copolia Trail on Mahé Island ends with a cliff that offers a breathtaking view of the turquoise waters of the Seychelles and surrounding islands. Vallée de Mai, home to the rare Coco De Mer, offers a 3-hour walk through a plantation. Once again, the end of the walk offers panoramas that will leave you speechless.

7) Water sports that will fascinate you like nothing else

No honeymoon on an island is complete without a variety of water sports and the Seychelles are no different. The Seychelles offer everything from snorkeling to sailing, diving and rafting. Most hotels offer water sports on the premises. At a minimum, we recommend renting snorkeling equipment in your hotel and enjoy the beautiful transparent waters of the Seychelles. You will see whole banks of goldfish and you will be completely hypnotized.

8) Breakfasts on the beach

Aah, is there anything else as pleasant as a languid breakfast on the beach? I do not think so! If you want to invite your partner to something really special on your honeymoon, ask the hotel to install a special canopy on the beach. Most hotels offer this service for a small fee. Otherwise, simply request a room service and enjoy it on the balcony of your hotel room facing the beach. We promise you one thing: you won’t disappoint yourself.

9) Drink champagne while watching dolphins in a boat

Let me represent a scenario: you are drinking chilled champagne in a small boat that goes up and down in turquoise waters. Over time, the sun softens. It is the hour of sunset and when the sun sets, the sky lights up in ocher color. Suddenly, somewhere between two small islands in the middle of nowhere, you see 5 playful dolphins jumping in and out of the ocean. As the day turns into the night and this boat brings you back to earth, making you wonder if it was a dream you just witnessed or a reality. THIS is the Seychelles for you!

10) Hotel rooms that make your jaw drop

The Islands of Seychelles offer a wide range of accommodation for all budgets. But if you are on a honeymoon, we recommend giving yourself a luxurious hotel room, where you will feel pampered. The Seychelles offer some of the most luxurious hotel rooms in the world. Choose from a room that opens directly onto the beach or a cliff-top room with a private pool with stunning views. Our advice? Share your time and try experimenting with both types of rooms. Choose one with a private pool on the island of Mahé and one that opens directly on the beach of Praslin or Silhouette Islands.

Beach side of the island

Before you go to Sychelles Island

Since the opening of the Seychelles Island international airport in 1971, tourism has grown and is now the leading industry in the Seychelles. Passport holders in the United States are not required to obtain a visa for a visit up to 30 days; however, on arrival, proof of return transportation, accommodation information and sufficient funds must be shown.

What to pack for the trip

The Islands of Seychelles have a rainforest climate with substantial humidity that is tempered by the cool ocean breeze. Pack swimwear, loose clothing and open shoes, as you will spend most of your time on the beach. Hiking is also a popular activity, so consider having a pair of hiking boots. Keep in mind that the rainy season runs from December to February.

What to know Sychelles Island

It was not known that the Seychelles were inhabited until the French began to colonize the islands in 1768. Over the years, control of the Seychelles Island passed between the English and the French, until the nation became independent from the United Kingdom in 1976.

Today, the country remains incredibly multicultural and most of the Seychelles has its roots in the first French and East African settlers who later arrived in the islands. There is also a significant influence of southern India and China on the cultural composition of the islands.

This can best be manifested in the kitchen of the island, which is a great tribute to the many influences of the country. Specialties include shark chutney (shark puree seasoned with bilimibi juice) and ladob (a slow-boiling salted banana candy in coconut milk).

How to reach the Islands of Sychelles

About 300 miles off the coast of continental Africa, the best way to reach the Seychelles is by plane. Most connecting flights come from Doha, Dubai or Nairobi and the journey between the islands is generally made on small planes or helicopters.

By air

The Seychelles Island has two main airports: the Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) in Victoria and Praslin Island Airport. The Seychelles International Airport is the main entry point for international travelers. The airport is located in Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles, located on the northeast side of the island of Mahé. It is the center of Air Seychelles, the national airline. The airport is served by international airlines such as British Airways, Austrian Airlines, Emirates, Kenya Airways and Turkish Airlines. From this airport there are long-distance scheduled flights to the main destinations in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

On the road

About 400 kilometers of paved road network connect the islands of Seychelles. The road network is scarce outside the main urban areas. Renting a car from the airport or from the hotel is a great way to visit the city in the Seychelles, particularly on the island of Mahé. Due to the lack of adequate public transport in the Seychelles, traveling by car allows travelers to visit and spend time at the attractions of their choice. Bicycle rentals are also available in downtown Victoria.

By sea

The main seaport of the Seychelles is Victoria. Cat Cocos and the Inter Island ferry operate regular catamaran ferries between Mahé and Praslin Island. Ferries are available at the designated time at 15 minute intervals. Ferries to the smaller islands can also be arranged, but it is less reliable.

A pretty sunset at the beach

Best time to visit the Seychelles Island

Since the climate of the Seychelles Island is pleasant throughout the year, travelers can visit this tropical paradise at any time around the calendar. The best time to visit the Seychelles is during the shoulder season that is from April to May and from October to November. The ideal temperature in the Seychelles during this period is 27 ° C. During these months, accommodation and flight costs are low, as well as the water temperature is perfect for swimming.

In April and May it rains and the weather in the Seychelles is perfect for resting on the beaches. A visit to the Seychelles during these months offers milder weather conditions, also ideal for sunbathing, observing wildlife and diving.

The best time to travel to the Seychelles depends on various factors and interests of travelers. Let’s take a closer look at the best time to travel to the Seychelles per month:

April – May (from 27 ° C to 29 ° C):

Experiencing a mild and temperate climate with showers, the island does not witness much crowds during this period. Therefore, you can take advantage of the opportunity to get hotel accommodation at more affordable prices. You can take a cheap trip and enjoy activities such as boating, sailing and birdwatching during the excursion.

You can also attend important events, such as the Seychelles National Fishing Tournament and the Victoria International Carnival, which are held in April.

June – September (from 24 ° C to 27 ° C):

Although the Seychelles island’s beaches may remain empty, tourists can now crowd the popular areas of the destination. With a drop in temperature, the region suffers less humidity and rain and, therefore, the climate is cool and dry. Offering opportunities for diving and sailing along with birdwatching, this is one of the high seasons for visiting the Seychelles.

Important events such as: the Seychelles Turtle Festival, the Seychelles Round Table and the South East monsoon sailfish tournament take place during this period.

October – November (from 27 ° C to 30 ° C):

While the south-east trade winds give way to the north-west trade winds, the region suffers occasional rains during this period. With the best weather conditions that offer the opportunity to practice activities such as rowing, diving, snorkeling and more, this is the best time to visit the Seychelles.

Furthermore, the sight of shark whales, hawksbill turtles and migratory birds can be a good option to enjoy a tour of the Seychelles. Take part in important events such as the Kreol Festival, the La Digue Offshore Tournament and SUBIOS during this period.

December – March (from 24 ° C to 28 ° C):

With the arrival of the trade winds from the northwest, the summer season arrives. However, there are mild showers, but visitors still go to their destination because of year-end festivals.

Enjoy the Seychelles marathon during this time. And try to book hotel stays and tour packages in advance.

Top view of a island in seychelles

Here are the best experiences on Seychelles Island

  1. Curieuse Island, National Marine Park

People from all over the world go to the turtle sanctuary on the island of Curieuse as part of their diving expedition to the Seychelles islands. It serves as a fanciful chance to see and even feed the giant turtles that roam freely there. However, turtles are not the only attraction; There are many native birds and creatures of this region and this makes it a very interesting nature trail. Just don’t go to the next island without visiting the hidden beach, a nice walk across the island.

  1. Morne Seychelloise National Park

Over 20% of Mahe, the main island of Seychelles, is covered by the lush vegetation of the Morne Seychelles National Park. The “Morne Seychellois” is the highest mountain in the Seychelles and is surrounded by tropical forests and granite peaks. Walking in the park and reaching the top of the “Morne Blanc” is a great way to spend the day. You can also see some rare and unusual birds and plants along the way. The view from above between the fog and the clouds is fascinating. Choose a half-day or full-day excursion based on your experience level.

  1. Fishing

Throw your fishing lines on the coasts of the inland granitic islands that surround Praslin, La Digue and Mahe and you can simply capture a rainbow runner or a silver bony fish during your trip. Very fun for avid fishermen and neophytes, the seas surrounding the islands are full of fish and make a great expedition. You can try fly fishing in shallow water or deep sea fishing in one of the many new trawlers available.

  1. Island jumping

You don’t have to live on all the islands to feel the atmosphere of Cast Away. Why not jump in all the islands and swim, dive or even sunbathe languidly in a small private paradise for a day? In the Seychelles, each island offers a different view of its history, culture and landscape. So add some dimension to your pleasant vacation by visiting the surrounding granite islands. There are many transportation options from the main island of Mahé to islands like the island of Cerf, La Digue and Praslin. For a unique luxury experience, you can also visit private islands like Desroches Island, Bird Island, Denis Island or Fregate.

  1. Sail on a luxury yacht

Do something unique and sail into the sunset for your honeymoon. Choose one of the many yachts that live on board that operate in the Seychelles and enjoy a 360 degree view of the extraordinary sea view of the inland islands. An experienced team is always useful to spread the secrets of the island and bring it to the best places in the region. With total freedom and privacy, you can navigate to interesting places on the coral reef for snorkeling or kayaking even on a secluded beach.

  1. Diving and snorkeling.

With some of the most beautiful intact coral reefs in the world, it is a real pleasure to dive here. With its many impressive coastline and places to dive, you can witness the wonders of exotic marine life found here. Turtles, multi-colored fish and beautiful fan-shaped corals and tree corals abound in the waters around the inner islands. The outer islands are less crossed areas, so it would also be an adventure to explore the rich and varied marine life there. A great place to dive into shipwrecks and see the green turtles heading towards the beach to nest. Don’t miss the incredible corals of Gorgonia found here.

  1. Zipline and adventure sports.

Adventurous couples will want to put it at the top of their list of things to do in the Seychelles. After witnessing underwater wonders, it’s time to pump up the adrenaline with a little jungle adventure just like the Tarzan. The two of you can zip line through the jungle and climb the rocks in the granite spur of the mountains. If you loved the movie, you will definitely want to try this super fun activity.

A man touching the tortoise

Your honeymoon or be it a vacation with your loved ones, it must be special. One of the most important aspects is to get the perfect memories and pictures to remember it. The Seychelles Island is a paradise like no other and they create incredible pictures and moments, ensuring you will leave with unforgettable memories. From exploring its pristine beaches to island hopping, the Seychelles offers something for every type of couples out there. This must be at the top of your list for a honeymoon destination or a romantic getaway.

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