Kandy, in the focal point of Sri Lanka, is one of those spots that leave enduring etchings on the cerebrum and soul of each vigorous adventurer. The city is point by point smooth serenades of songs, brightened with the calming offer, and nature’s powerful vibes. Whoever goes to Sri Lanka is left fundamentally influenced by the refined interest and there are some awesome things to do in Kandy that outcome in an abundance of enduring recollections.

Things to do in Kandy

A critical focal point of Buddhism among various clear Asian destinations, Kandy is a spot submerged in quietness. Couples spending insightful minutes at a lake confronting eatery around the Kandy lake, ladies wearing flawless clothing, sprightly keen individuals flooding with the warm banner, and engaging recorded achievements expelling sublime vistas make Kandy an animating spot in Sri Lanka.

Best Time to Visit Kandy

March – May: This is the ideal time to visit Kandy when the temperature remains around 26 – 28 degree Celsius and conditions are impeccable to configuration practices and various excursions in and around the city.

December – April: This city has new Beauty to offer, the atmosphere remains cool and satisfactory. Neither too cold nor unnecessarily hot, absolutely perfect for the pilgrims to welcome the environment and the incorporating.

October-November: This scope of two months Sri Lanka encounters the exceptional rainstorm arrange which isn’t sensible for visitors to appreciate.

How to Reach Kandy

Via air: Bandaranaike International Airport is the nearest air terminal to Kandy, some 104 km far. One can reach this airport by taxis or by local buses.

Via rail: Colombo Railway Station is the nearest station to reach Kandy Railway Station. Colombo to Kandy train ride, offering mind-blowing views of nature, is one of the most terrific rides on earth.

Top 12 Things to do in Kandy

1. Visit one of the various Museums

Kandy is an incredibly social city so why not experience an early night time visiting one of the various chronicled focuses it brings to the table. The 2 most standard is the World Buddhist Museum and the Ceylon Tea Museum. The World Buddhist Museum is the primary recorded focus that displays the augmentation of Buddhism all around the world. Your go-to the Temple of the Tooth will allow free entry into the Buddhist Museum.

world buddhist museum

2. Get some answers concerning Spices in the Spice Garden

Sri Lanka is outstanding for its flavours and get-up-and-go gardens and there are such countless in and around Kandy. Tell your driver to take you to this amazing spot. It is one of the interesting things to do in Kandy.

3. Discovering Kandy from above at the Big Buddha

The Big Buddha can be seen from any place in Kandy and around night time it is by and large lit up. Its region high over the incline gives you one of the most mind-boggling widely inclusive points of view on the city underneath. Make sure to remove your hat and shoes before entering. All through the pre-summer months, be set in the mood for singing sweltering grounds!

Cost: 250 LKR + a little tip to have your shoes objected.

The Big budha, Kandy

4. Fill your stomach at a segment of these diners

One of the best things to do in Kandy is visit a fine dining place and enjoy the delicious food.

Bistro Divine Street – Very unobtrusive, superior to average parts, western and neighbourhood distinguishing strengths. Next to no nonetheless.

Licensed to Grill – Roadside burgers and wraps for entirely sensible. So eminent! The cooked wrap is the best.

Bamboo Garden – Nice rooftop dinner for a sunset blend.

Kandyan Muslim Hotel – A huge amount of the manuals recommends coming here any way we don’t think so. The organization was stunning, the diner was foul and the dining experience was semi-typical so no we don’t recommend it, we’re advised you.

Cool Corner Ice Cream Parlour – This conceivably could be our favoured solidified yogurt shop in 3 years of the development. The parts are monstrous, the cost is low, the fixings are fresh and the menu is 3 pages! Just of solidified yogurt choices.

5. Traditional Kandy Dancing

Kandy Dancing – “according to the legend, the beginning stages of Kandyan move lies in an ejection uniquely known as the Kohomba Kankariya, which was at first performed by Indian shamans who went to the island, from which nearby individuals grasped the move. “

6. Wander the Streets and City Centre

The simplest things to do in Kandy are walking on the streets and explore the city. It is genuinely walkable. Neighbourhood individuals all over the place are exceptionally enthused about conversing with you and will reliably ask where you’re from.

7. Take a stroll through the Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens are Sri Lanka’s greatest and most astounding nurseries with a shocking 2 million visitors consistently. They’re particularly kept up, ample and brag an enormous collection of plants, blooms, bamboo boondocks, bats, monkeys, and feathered animals. The Botanical Gardens are known for its grouping of orchids so don’t leave behind them. On the off chance that you’re feeling unconcerned, golf carriages can be rented to explore the nurseries as opposed to by strolling.

Cost: 1500 LKR ($15 USD).

8. See the Temple of the Tooth

You can add the Temple of the Tooth to your list of things to do in Kandy as it is a holy place. The temple of the tooth is the essential interest of the city similarly as the most hallowed Buddhist establishment in Sri Lanka. Why? It’s the spot Buddha’s tooth is being kept. The temple was worked in the sixteenth century and has had steady builds reliably.

You add the temple of the Tooth to your things to do in Kandy it is a holy place

9. Taking a walk near the Lake

Kandy lake worked in 1807 is a man-made lake arranged in the point of convergence of the town. It is hard to miss! There are various walks you can take, for instance, up to the Royal Palace Park, the Udawattakelle safe house or essentially around the lake watching locals of Kandy indulge in their everyday chores.

Cost: Free

10. Visiting various Tea factories

One more amazing thing to so in Kandy is to visit tea factories. Sri Lanka is fourth on the planet for tea creation. They produce stunning 300,000 tons of tea yearly! Kandy is home to some awesome tea fields and assembling plants so try to visit on any occasion one. The whole system from picking to packaging takes 24 hours with the larger part (besides picking) all done by tremendous machines.

Cost: Free

11. A leisure stroll at Dambulla Cave temple

If you are an adventurer planning to test the unparalleled greatness and tremendous fair assortment of Sri Lanka, take an unwinding stroll in and around the Dambulla Cave Temple. The temple saw as one of the most out of date (returning to second century BC) and prized resources of Sri Lanka boasts of old show-stoppers, carvings, and agreement. A well-known spot for significant searchers and Buddhists, the natural hollow temple is undeniably one of the most searched for after place in Kandy. Dambula Cave exploration is one of the best things to do in Kandy for people looking for some adventure.

Dambula Cave exploration is one of the best things to do in Kandy for people looking for some adventure

12. Marvel About the Architecture of St. Paul’s Church

Organized straightforwardly by the Temple of the Tooth Relic on the guideline sanctified grounds is this rising above holy sanctum that was set up in 1848. Earlier attempted to be a picture of British control, it by and by fills in as an unprecedented showcase of the wilderness designing of that time, and a venerated consecrated association for the Sri Lankan people. Deceiving in people with it’s clear and spacious inside, this assemblage has been kept up under supervision for more than 150 years now and is an inconceivable instance of a multi-exacting inheritance.

These were few of the best things to do in Kandy. The place is a supernatural visit in actuality, yet the energizing scenes around the city are also enchanting if you are up for some experience. Go for the best exercises and perceive what this spot has coming up for you. So pack your bags & speed up to Kandy, Sri Lanka.

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