DAY 0 : The Caravan Journey Begins

 9:00 PM  

It was 20ºC outside and after a prolonged discussion we finally came to conclusion to take a turn onto state highway. We all were tired of posing and video shoot with the caravan that we did earlier that day and we all agreed to reach our resort as soon as possible and call it a day there.

The weather was getting more and more soothing as we approached the Ghats ,we pushes the window glasses down and amped up the music. There were hardly any other vehicles on the roads so we accelerated. I don’t remember when I fell asleep in the caravan.

the caravan

11:45 PM

“OMG this is very narrow we can’t make it through like this…” I heard a faint voice from distant and was startled at once as i gathered myself and realised that the caravan was stand still and nobody was there inside. I gathered myself and tried to jump out but as i was about to i heard a shout from nearby” kood maat khaayi hai neeche” don’t jump it’s a trench beneath. However I somehow managed to get out of the caravan.

There was fog everywhere and the visibility was less than a metre, only thing I could see was a faint tail light from the caravan we came in. I shivered for a second but soon squeezed my eyes to scope in and find my friends.

The road was about 8 feet wide and we had reached a very steep hairpin loop on the road which looked practically impossible to cross for a caravan. Moreover there was a waterfall flowing from the top of the mountain such that it washed away almost 30% of the already insufficient road.

night time during the trip

Our task was to somehow drift the caravan away from the waterfall so that it does not push us into the adjoining river and move it through the hair pin loop. I have heard people facing a lot of difficulties in their lives but trust me this one was epic of them all. The road was too short to go back and the only option we had was to somehow move forward.

12:01 AM

Suddenly Abhishek started throwing rocks out of nowhere into the trough on the road. Within minutes we all were doing the same thing. Then we asked the driver to try and make a move.”We did it guys” said Prashant running towards me for a high five. Finally we had a sigh of relief after such an effort.

But as we thought we made our way through the driver sighted a big log of tree on the other side of the road blocking the route. AAhhhh not again. We checked and thanks to god this time it wasn’t that spook and everyone pushed back the log away from the road we rolled again towards the resort.

DAY 1 : Reaching Karwar with the Caravan

Undoubtedly this is the most fun destination I’ve road tripped to and that too in the Caravan. Caravan for me is a thing that I have only seen in the movies. The idea of having a home on wheels was always a dream for me until recently when I had a chance to travel in a caravan. It was actually better than the dream where it provided everything from TV, radio, for the entertainment, comfy beds along with owen and stove for comfort and shower and bathtub for the luxurious experience.

So on one fine chilly morning, we sneaked out of our home and reached out to Prashant’s house who was waiting for us in the caravan. We left Bangalore early in the morning to avoid traffic and continued our travel through NH4 after crossing Bangalore Tumkuru Expressway. We took a break near Tumkuru where we had our breakfast. The view here was bewitching.

9:00 AM

After our breakfast, we drove past the town of Chitradurga which is known for Chitrakaldurga, an umbrella-shaped lofty hill is found here . From here, our next stop was Haveri. At haveri, we stopped for an early lunch and some beer. We rested here since our next stop Hubli was far off, and we had a long drive ahead.

However, the road ahead was kind of narrow and more crowded. So we took a big break in Hubli not only because we were tried but also because this place was marvellously beautiful.

view from the caravan

10:00 AM

After our break, we drove continuously, through Ghats as we wanted to reach Karwar before dusk. This Bangalore to Karwar trip is one of the best memory I have with my friends.

Karwar is about 165KMs from Hubli in Karnataka, when you travel via NH 52, you reach a T Junction. From here you can see the beautiful Arabian Sea, and the Road to the Left leads you to Mangaluru and the Road to the Right leads you to the State of Goa. The clean beach along the road with multi colored pebbles is so inviting.

You just feel like screaming out loud with joy and would want to alight the to enjoy and play with the pebbles and the Sea waves in the clean long beach. Words can’t do justice to describe what your eyes see and feel.

frontview of the caravan

8:00 PM

Karwar is a beautiful city located between Arabian Sea and Western Ghats. It has warm pristine beautiful beach on one side and lush green mountains on other side. Rabindranath tagore impressed by its beauty called it ‘Kashmir of Karnataka’. As you enter Karwar city you will find a huge board which says ‘welcome to Kashmir of Karnataka “Karwar”.

 The river Kali flows in between Karwar, Karnataka and the State of Goa. In fact, just across the town of Karwar you can see the bridge built over the River Kali which connects Karnataka to Goa.

Finally we reached our Resort in Karwar and dinner as fast as possible because everyone was very tires and hungry. We all went and dozed off without a second thought.

DAY 2 : Kayaking, Zip lining, Camping and much more

9:00 AM  

 Next morning, we woke up all lousy but as soon as we opened the doors of our resort we had our eyes fully inflated after seeing the view. It looked as if we are in a stranded island away from the mainland and we were filming a survival show only with a group of friends the caravan. This was the first time I got a chance to actually see how beautiful this resort was. It was a well spread out resort, with all the basic amenities.

There was a small pond surrounding the resort with backwaters of kali river for activities like kayaking, canoeing and zip lining  lined up next to it, plenty of spots for laying around, and also for campfire. The living area was at some distance from the main resort but beautifully guided by wooden plank bridge. The food was basic and functional. We departed for water activities after a heavy breakfast.


11:00 AM 

“Agar aap wapas nhi laute to humari zimmedari nhi h “ if you don’t get back to the shore then it is not our responsibility said one of the crew members of the resort. Obviously he was joking but for a moment we all were like why what is going to happen in water. Shifali screamed in disbelief “Are there crocodiles in there?? “ HaHaHaHa  that was one hell of a scene.

We all boarded our respective boats and sailed our way through ,it was so peaceful and silent that i wanted to lie down and see clouds moving past my boat. Suddenly one of our guys i don’t know knowingly or unknowingly they fell into the water and their boats also drowned.

 To save them we all jumped into the water and this was the most happy moment of our trip, nobody knew what was happening and next thing I remember we were chilling in water. We all had our pictures clicked.


5:00 PM   

After two and a half hours of water sports, some bird watching and some rest, we went to a viewpoint a few kilometers ahead to see the sunset. We reached near the caravan and now it was time for barbecue!!!! Adventuresome had everything set up there. That was one hell of a spicy paneer though, but it was fulfilling after full day of “khel kood”.

The dinner that was served and it was again a grand one and we were short of words to thank Mr. Prasaad. After playing ‘uno’ for a while, we were all dozing off to sleep after a rather tiring day. It was one of the best and soundest ones I’d had in a long time.

11:00 PM 

Har saah utte naam bole tera

Kinna kardi ae jatta jatti tera

Tu yaari kera la ke dekh lae

Har saah utte naam bole tera

And this was Vikas after fair amount of beer in his body. He was looking so happy and jolly that soon after he started everyone joined him and it looked as if we had conquered something and were celebrating our victory. “Hey guys we are live” said Prashant who joined us with a selfie stick in his hand, soon we were trending on Instagram and trust me that moment was the most special one of my life till now. I actually got Goosebumps.

And Some Final Words

Road Trips are fantastic fun, and when done with friends, it strengthens the bond of friendship. I urge all college students to do as many road trips they can do while they are in college. Don’t worry if you don’t have a vehicle that can be rented from Adventuresome. You have the most valuable and irreplaceable asset now that is “time” Don’t let that slip away.

Travel is more about meeting new people and learning cultures than merely seeing new places. It gives you a unique perspective about the world around. People around the world are inherently good, and travel makes you discover this universal truth. It not only fills your life with experiences but weaves life into a beautiful story to narrate to the eager ears.

New places have a special inquisitive charm about them.  It doesn’t really matter what you do or how old you are, everyone deserves a little fresh air from time to time. We can all use a road trip to shed old skin and live a little, de-stress, forget our troubles and make some fond memories along the way.

The whole idea of going to a splendid resort in the caravan was unbelievably awesome I am definitely going to come back for this experience with Adventuresome again.

You can check our Karwar and the Caravan bookings here.

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