It’s 2019, and women are breaking taboos and reaching new milestones everyday. More and more women have discovered the excitement and adventures of traveling solo! And don’t all of us want to be Rani from Queen and go on a self embarking journey? However, the world still isn’t a hundred percent safe for the womankind (Sigh!), but this article will help you achieve your dreams of conquering the world and help your solo traveling experience be safe and adventurous! Whether you’re going backpacking through Europe or just going away on a small trip by yourself, here are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to women traveling solo.

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DOs for women traveling solo

  1. Stay Connected

Traveling solo often comes with the desire to go “off the grid” or staying away from social media for a while. Sure, your trip is to take a break from your social life, but always keep your phone charged and always inform a trusted friend/parent/ spouse about your check ins and stays.

  1. Confidence is Key

Learn the basics of the local language of the place you’re traveling solo to. This will make communication easier. Refer Maps before taking a cab or any other transport in the city. Try to appear like you know your way around, a confused look may attract unnecessary attention.

  1. Blend In

Avoid clothing that will “stand out” among the local crowd. The more you look like an outsider, the less likely you are to be ignored. If the place you’re going to has a conservative dressing style, then do dress appropriately.

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  1. Be prepared to Fight

You don’t have to be a karate master but you should always carry certain basic self defense items such as a pepper spray, a whistle and a pocket knife.

  1. Plan and Prepare

Research the place beforehand as much as you can. Learn basics of the language, culture and about the safe and unsafe areas of the city. However, the most important thing is to book your stays and travels in advance from a trusted website. Though being adventurous is fun, but these are certain measures you should take to ensure your safety. You can also checkout the Places to visit near Bangalore to start your first solo Travel.

  1. Find your Tribe

Women travelers often complain that they feel lonely in the crowd. You can always join a traveling group or a tour guide to enhance your experience.

  1. Trust your Gut

The whole point of your trip is to experience as much as you can. Be open to adventures and try different things, but at the same time assess your surroundings and the situation. If your instincts say something is wrong, back off!

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DONTs for women traveling solo

  1. DON’T get “drunk, drunk”

It is absolutely an exciting feeling to travel solo and try out alcohol from different places, but make sure you don’t loose your senses in doing so. Know your capacity, and don’t drink more than you can handle.

  1. Less is More

Do not wear expensive jewellery or expensive gadgets, as this will make you an obvious target for thieves and pickpockets. If you’re going to a place where you know you’re going to need lots of cash, don’t keep it all in your wallet. Distribute belongings and cash in different places in your luggage like between books, clothes etc. This measure will never leave you empty handed even if you get pick pocketed.

  1. DON’T give away too much

Traveling solo is incomplete without meeting new people and making new friends. However, be careful and don’t trust everyone you meet. There’s no harm in striking a conversation with the cute guy sitting across from you on the bus, but never give away personal information such as the place you’re staying at.

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Hope these little do’s and don’ts will help all you strong women out there. It’s time for all of you to get out there and create your own adventures.

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    Thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

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    The Dos and Don’ts are Short , Clear and very well put. Please do post some solo travel destination / traveling light for vacation write ups if possible. More often than not we tend to pack more than we ought to 🙂

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